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Nikon D4X rumored to feature 36-megapixel sensor without AA filter


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More details about Nikon’s D4 successor have been revealed, while the 52-megapixel sensor rumor has been debunked.

The rumor mill appears to have no doubts that Nikon will replace the D4 later this year, even though this DSLR is only in the first year of its lifespan, having been announced in January 2012 and released in February 2012. The company took care of the entry-level consumers last year, with the introduction of the D3200 and D5200, therefore in 2013 it is professionals’ turn to be spoiled by Nikon with a replacement for the D7000 and a new camera in the “D4 series”.

nikon-d4-replacement-rumor Nikon D4X rumored to feature 36-megapixel sensor without AA filter Rumors

It may have the same body as the Nikon D4, but the D4X is rumored to feature a 36-megapixel sensor without an AA filter.

Nikon D4X rumored specs

The same D4 body will be used for the new camera, however, a more powerful 36-megapixel sensor will be available. Most likely, it is the same sensor found in the D800E, as it does not feature an anti-aliasing filter. The regular D800 went on sale in March 2012, while the AA filter-less D800E was launched a couple of months later with a new technology that improves image quality, but amplifies moire patterns.

Although the previously rumored 52-megapixel sensor had been a major improvement over current DSLR sensors, the costs would have been too big for most consumers, therefore Nikon has decided to remove this beast sensor from its pipeline.

Recently, Nikon said that it achieved a technology level which allowed the company not to use an AA filter in its cameras. Doing so, will improve image quality, however, moire patterns will be more visible. It appears that the company has improved the sensor and technology found in the D800E, reducing moire effects to a minimum, however, it remains to be seen how the “moire in-camera reduction” system will perform in some field tests.

The Nikon D4X announcement date is expected for fall of 2013, when the company should also reveal the camera’s price. According to an inside source, the D4X will be a “few hundred dollars” more expensive than the D4. Several video improvements will be made to the new camera, which will also boast a burst mode of up to 6 frames per second.

Looking forward to fall 2013

The camera is said to be announced during an event which will take place in the fall of 2013. If Nikon is updating the high-end FX series, then it will also replace the high-end DX model as well. It is unknown whether the D7000 replacement will be revealed during the same show as the D4X.

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