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Nikon patent leaks new 12-contact lens mount


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Nikon may be working on a new lens mount, as the company has recently filed for a patent in the United States, which describes a new mount type which features a dozen contacts.

Nikon is one of the most innovative company in the digital imaging sector. The company has been focusing on new DX and FX products in recent times, but it has also released one of the first Android-powered cameras. Nikon is also one of the first to release mirrorless shooters.

nikon-patent-12-lens-contacts Nikon patent leaks new 12-contact lens mount Rumors

Nikon has filed for a patent which describes a 12-contact interchangeable lens system. Conventional Nikon cameras sport between 7 and 10 contacts, therefore the company may be working on a new mount.

Nikon patent describes a new interchangeable lens mount

Most of the Japan-based company’s lenses are compatible with DX and FX shooters, but the CX mount is also important. The 1 J3 and 1 S1 mirrorless devices have been officially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, which took place in January.

Moreover, the two devices have been revealed along two new CX lenses, the 6.7-13mm and 10-100mm ones. However, the company may be working on a new lens mount, as discovered in a recent patent application.

Nikon files patent for 12-contact lens-camera communication system

It has been uncovered that Nikon has filed for a patent on January 18, 2013. The application refers to interchangeable lenses, which use 12 contacts to attach themselves to a camera.

The reason why this is weird is because current Nikon camera mounts are based on seven to ten contacts, thus suggesting that a new mount will become available soon.

Nikon lenses and cameras will communicate better, but in the distant future

The latest Nikon patent says that the new communication system will make sure that the two devices will interact in a better way. This means that the addition of several contacts will ensure that the camera will have an improved control over aperture, vibration reduction technology, and even the focus system.

Conventional Nikon shooters would not be able to support this interchangeable lens mount without an adapter of some kind. However, it is worth noting that this is just a patent application, and the 12-contact communication system may be years away from us.

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