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Nikon SLR camera schematics show up on the web


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Schematics of old Nikon film cameras have showed on the web, revealing all the secrets of four of the Japanese company’s oldest SLR shooters.

A true geek loves to find out everything about his or her device. They want to know what is inside a phone, tablet, gaming device, or, why not, a camera. Geeks find this stuff very interesting and so do we, as the tiny bits and parts look very sexy.

Amazing schematics of old Nikon SLR camera surface online, make a geek’s heart melt

Cameras are not only beautiful on the outside, they are amazing on the inside. If you want to know what makes an old Nikon SLR camera tick, then you will have to check out these schematics, which have surfaced on the web, courtesy of a Tumblr user.

Clare aka Wyoh found these schematics in an old French magazine. As you can see, the words are written in french, but does it even matter? The exploding views of the cameras are everything we need to put everything piece by piece.

There are only four schematics for four different cameras. The list includes the Nikon F, F2, FM, and FA. All of them have been manufactured by Nikon and released dozens of years ago, when film shooters ruled the Earth.

The Nikon F has been released in 1959, the F2 in 1971, the FM in 1977, and the FA in 1983. These sketches can be looked at as retro tear apart treatments and the iFixit team would definitely appreciate the teardown works in the french magazine.

nikon-f-slr-camera Nikon SLR camera schematics show up on the web Exposure

Nikon F has been the company’s first film SLR camera and it has been released in 1959.

Nikon F

The Nikon F has been one of the best-selling camera of its era. Actually, it is the first SLR device in Nikon’s history and it is said that it has truly revolutionized the industry.

nikon-f2-slr-camera Nikon SLR camera schematics show up on the web Exposure

Nikon F2 SLR camera has been manufactured between 1971 and 1980, and it has been the second 35mm film SLR camera of the Japanese company.

Nikon F2

The F2 has been F’s successor and more than 800,000 of these babies have been manufactured throughout the time.

nikon-fm-slr-camera Nikon SLR camera schematics show up on the web Exposure

The Nikon FM has been produced in Japan beginning 1977 with production ending in 1982.

Nikon FM

The FM represented a significant redesign of the SLR camera and it became an instant hit.

nikon-fa-slr-camera Nikon SLR camera schematics show up on the web Exposure

Nikon FA has been sold in Japan as of 1983. It featured a flash X-sync of 1/250th second and it is highly-regarded as one of the most advanced 35mm film cameras of its time.

Nikon FA

Last but not least, the FA is considered one of the most advanced F-series shooters. It came packed with revolutionary features, such as a novel light meter and an integrated microprocessor.

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