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Nikon and Virgin Media announce short film competition


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Nikon has signed a partnership with Virgin Media, in order to launch a movie competition aimed at amateur cinematographers.

Digital camera manufacturers are constantly coming up with competitions that should attract more people to the world of photography or to give a change to talented photographers to make a name for themselves.

virgin-media-shorts-2013 Nikon and Virgin Media announce short film competition News and Reviews

Nikon and Virgin Media have launched a new short film competition that could bring a £30,000 budget to the Grand Prize winner, respectively £5,000 worth of Nikon gear to the People’s Choice Award laureate.

Nikon and Virgin Media sign partnership for short film competition

Nikon has announced a new contest. However, it concerns only movie makers, as photographers will have to sit this one out.

Virgin Media is the promoter of one of the most popular short film contests in the United Kingdom. It is called Virgin Media Shorts and it gives a change to aspiring film creators to demonstrate their creative capabilities.

Nikon and Virgin Media have opened the contest on April 18. The two partners will close the submissions on July 18, as three months are enough for the contenders to prepare their short movies.

Grand Prize winner will receive a nice sum, allowing him to work on a future project

Adding a little incentive to the competition is not so hard, since the grand prize stands at £30,000. This amount will not be offered in cash. Instead, the organizers will fund the cinematographer’s next short film.

Beside the possibility of creating a film with a £30,000 budget, the winner will also get the unique opportunity of getting advice from the best film experts in the area.

Virgin Media added that the Grand Prize winner will receive tips from important figures at the British Film Institute.

Nikon feels that the contest will be a launch ramp for a talented film maker

Nikon Marketing Manager, Jeremy Gilbert, believes that Virgin Media Shorts is a great launch pad for emerging movie creators. Their work will be featured in cinemas, while they will get a good shot at working with the industry’s best.

A separate section of the contest will be called “Nikon People’s Choice”. Regular users will vote in this category and the winner will receive £5,000 worth of Nikon gear. The award will also be used for allowing the winner to work on a new short film.

As stated above, entries will be accepted until July 18. The Grand Prize winner of the Virgin Media Shorts will be selected shortly thereafter.

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