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Olympus PEN-F camera registered on Taiwan’s NCC website


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The upcoming Olympus PEN-F mirrorless camera has been registered on the website of a Taiwanese agency, confirming some rumors that circled around the web during the past few years.

Olympus is working on a new PEN-series mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. This is what has been rumored quite often in recent times, but the good thing is that now there is proof to support the gossip talks.

The existence of a digital version of the Olympus PEN-F has been rumored for a long time. Although some folks completely denied such allegations, it seems like they were wrong, as the Japanese manufacturer is actually working on this shooter.

The proof comes from the National Communications Commission in Taiwan, a statutory agency that regulates the broadcasting, communications, and information industries.

Companies usually have to register their products at Taiwan’s NCC and the digital Olympus PEN-F is one of the latest products to show up on its website.

Olympus registers PEN-F camera on the website of a Taiwanese agency

The original Olympus PEN-F was a well-received camera. It was different, as it captured photos in portrait mode, while its tinier image format meant that itself and its lenses were quite small.

olympus-pen-f-film-camera Olympus PEN-F camera registered on Taiwan's NCC website Rumors

Olympus will pay a tribute to the PEN-F SLR camera by launching a digital mirrorless camera also called PEN-F.

Things have changed since the Japan-based company released this SLR camera. In order to pay a tribute to the original shooter, the manufacturer has decided to create a digital version in the form of a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

The new Olympus PEN-F will most likely feature a Micro Four Thirds sensor and will be compatible with all optics adhering to the MFT format. As for other certainties, the device will definitely be called “PEN-F”, as this is how it has been registered at Taiwan’s NCC.

Olympus PEN-F with built-in EVF to be unveiled in early 2016

From what we gathered in the past from the rumor mill, the Olympus PEN-F will feature a built-in viewfinder. Today’s PEN-series cameras do not offer such tool, but they are compatible with an optional electronic viewfinder that can be mounted via a camera’s hot-shoe.

The digital version of the PEN-F will have an integrated VF and it will be an electronic model. There are no reasons to believe otherwise, but stranger things have happened, so take it with a pinch of salt.

As for its announcement, the MILC will probably be unveiled sometime in early 2016. It has a chance of showing up on the market before the start of the summer. Until then, we are looking forward to learning more about it and you should stay tuned to our website for new details!

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