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Panasonic AF101 replacement coming at NAB Show 2015


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Panasonic is working on a new Micro Four Thirds camcorder, which will capture 4K videos and 18-megapixel stills, which will be announced at the NAB Show 2015.

The National Association of Broadcasters Show 2015 will open its doors this April and will feature the newest products for the cinematography and broadcasting segments.

As usual, Panasonic will join the event and will not come empty-handed. The company is expected to show up along with a hybrid camera, which will capture both photos and videos.

The camera is believed to be the successor to the AF101 camcorder and to record 4K footage as well as to capture photos at 18 megapixels.

panasonic-af101 Panasonic AF101 replacement coming at NAB Show 2015 Rumors

The Panasonic AF101 camcorder will be replaced at the NAB Show 2015 by a hybrid camera capturing 4K videos and 18MP photos.

Panasonic AF101 replacement: a hybrid camera that captures 4K videos and 18-megapixel stills

A new Micro Four Thirds camera will be introduced at the NAB Show 2015. It is believed that the camera will serve as a direct replacement to the Panasonic AF101.

The first specs of this camcorder have been leaked on the web, hinting that the device will feature a Micro Four Thirds sensor with a 16-stop or higher dynamic range.

The Panasonic AF101 replacement will be capable of recording 4K videos as well as 18-megapixel stills. It is said to be a hybrid camera and this will become one of its main advantages over the competition.

Beside the higher dynamic range, the new Micro Four Thirds shooter will offer improved color rendition, so skin tones and highlights will simply look better.

A hybrid Micro Four Thirds camera with superior low-light capabilities

The source says that the Panasonic AF101 replacement is expected to be a low-light performer. This camcorder will offer higher ISO sensitivity settings and grain will be negligible up to ISO 12,800.

This 4K Micro Four Thirds camera will be rather expensive, says the leakster. However, this is all due to its improved sensor with better dynamic range and low-light capabilities. It is said that it will be priced between $3,000 and $4,000.

The AF101 is known as AF100A in the US and some other markets. It records videos up to full HD resolution and it comes with a Micro Four Thirds sensor and an MFT lens mount.

It is available for purchase at a price around $2,800 at B&H PhotoVideo, courtesy of a $900 price reduction. The NAB Show 2015 opens its doors on April 11, 2015, so stay tuned for more details before the event!

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