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Panasonic G7 launch date set for May 19


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Panasonic is rumored to announce the Lumix G7 mirrorless camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor and lens mount on May 19.

Bit by bit, the rumor mill has revealed that Panasonic is working on a new G-series mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that will be unveiled by the end of the first half of 2015.

The product in question has been confirmed to consist of the Lumix G7 and to replace the Lumix G6. The SLR-styled shooter has had some of its specifications leaked and a trusted source has claimed that the camera’s announcement event will take place in May.

Now, the exact Panasonic G7 launch date has been confirmed and it seems like it is scheduled to be May 19 during a special event.

panasonic-lumix-dmc-g6 Panasonic G7 launch date set for May 19 Rumors

Panasonic will announce the replacement to the Lumix DMC-G6 camera on May 19, according to a trusted insider.

Panasonic G7 launch date is most likely May 19

It has been a while since the first Lumix G7 rumors emerged on the web. However, the Panasonic G7 launch date has finally been leaked, as stated above.

Whereas Fujifilm is expected to introduce the X-T10 X-mount mirrorless camera on May 18, Panasonic will announce its new MILC on May 19.

For the time being, there are no details regarding other products. It is unlikely that a new Micro Four Thirds lens will join the party, but we should not rule out any compact cameras from the Japanese company. So far, the rumor mill has not mentioned other products, therefore you should not be surprised if the G7 is the only one to come on this date.

Panasonic G7 will record 4K videos, but will not support DFD technology

The specifications list of the Lumix G7 will include a 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is taken from the Lumix GX7.

It is worth noting that the G6 also features a 16MP sensor, but the GX7 is better and it has been improved, too. According to a trusted source, the G7 will be capable of recording videos at 4K resolution.

Some of the manufacturer’s recent cameras are home packed with DFD technology. It stands for Depth From Defocus and it allows the camera to calculate the distance to the subject and the direction of the subject in order to predict where to focus during video recording.

The DFD system used two images with different depth-of-field and it moves the lens in the correct position where the subject is in focus. Although it will record 4K footage, the Panasonic G7 will not offer DFD support.

Source: 43rumors.

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