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Pentax 645D 50MP CMOS medium format camera coming at CP+ 2014


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Ricoh has continued its series of recent announcements with the introduction of the Pentax 645D medium format camera and two new lenses, one for 645-mount and another one for Q-mount shooters.

Another example that the rumor mill gets it right oftentimes consists of the recent products launched by Ricoh. The company has introduced the WG-20, WG-4, and WG-4 GPS rugged compact cameras, as well as the HD Pentax DA 1.4x AW AF rear converter.

All of these have been previously leaked on the web, while inside sources have also mentioned a medium format camera. Well, the Japan-based manufacturer is here to deliver the “promises” made by the rumor mill with the launch of the Pentax 645D medium format camera, the company’s first such model powered by a CMOS image sensor.

Ricoh planning to reveal Pentax 645D medium format camera with 50-megapixel CMOS sensor at CP+ 2014

pentax-645d-2014-edition Pentax 645D 50MP CMOS medium format camera coming at CP+ 2014 News and Reviews

The 2014 edition of the Pentax 645D camera features a 50-megapixel CMOS image sensor and will become official at the CP+ 2014.

Almost all medium format cameras released until 2014 have been running on CCD sensors. However, the market is shifting this year. Hasselblad has announced the development of world’s first CMOS-powered MF shooter, while Phase One has actually become the first company to launch such a device with such a sensor.

The Phase One IQ250 has stolen the show from the Hasselblad H5D-50c and Ricoh will not remain very far behind. The new Pentax 645D will be displayed at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014.

The entire specs list, press photos, price, and availability details will become official as of February 13, when the CP+ 2014 is expected to open its doors to visitors, said Ricoh.

Both the Hasselblad and Phase One models come packed with 50-megapixel sensors. As expected, the Pentax unit will be capable of capturing photos at the same resolution of 50MPs.

Pentax 645D 2014 edition to be announced alongside ultra-wide-angle zoom lens

pentax-ultra-wide-angle-lens Pentax 645D 50MP CMOS medium format camera coming at CP+ 2014 News and Reviews

Ricoh will announce the specs and price of this Pentax ultra-wide-angle lens for medium format cameras at the CP+ 2014.

The “Pentax 645D 2014” will feature a tilting LCD screen on the back and high-speed autofocus suitable for all types of photography scenarios.

It will be released sometime in spring 2014 for an unknown price. However, it is not coming alone, as it will be accompanied with an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens aimed at all 645-mount cameras.

The technical details will become official at the CP+ 2014, so stay tuned to find out everything about this system!

Ricoh poised to unveil Pentax Q-mount telephoto macro lens soon

pentax-q-mount-telephoto-macro-lens Pentax 645D 50MP CMOS medium format camera coming at CP+ 2014 News and Reviews

A photo of the Pentax Q-mount telephoto macro lens which will be unveiled at the CP+ 2014.

Ricoh is not forgetting about the Q-mount either. The company is planning to bring a telephoto macro lens with a fixed focal length at the CP+ 2014.

It will be compatible only with Pentax Q-mount cameras when it becomes available this spring.

Its focal length could stand at 4.05mm. This means that it will provide a 4.55x crop factor when attached to the Pentax Q7, as the camera features a 1/1.7-inch-type sensor (bigger than those of most other Q-mount shooters). As a result, its 35mm equivalent will stand at 18.5mm.

Pentax Film Duplicator to create digital duplicates of film images

pentax-film-duplicator Pentax 645D 50MP CMOS medium format camera coming at CP+ 2014 News and Reviews

Pentax Film Duplicator will allow users to attach their DSLR camera and a flash gun in order to convert film images into digital files.

Last but not least, Ricoh is working on the so-called Pentax Film Duplicator. This accessory is capable of producing digital duplicates of film shots with the help of a DSLR camera and a powerful flash gun.

It is compatible with 35mm full frame and medium format film. The release date is also set for spring 2014, but the price remains unknown for the time being.

All is scheduled to be revealed during the CP+ 2014, therefore have patience as the event is only one week away.

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