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Pentax full frame DSLR to be released in 2015, says Ricoh


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Ricoh has announced the development of a Pentax DSLR camera with a full frame sensor, which will be released sometime in 2015, while also confirming three K-mount lenses.

The Photokina 2014 event is underway and a lot of interesting information is still surfacing. Ricoh has had multiple products on-display at the world’s biggest digital imaging show, including the Pentax K-S1 DSLR and the Ricoh WG-M1 action camera.

A rumor was circling around the web during the past few weeks, claiming that Ricoh was developing a Pentax-branded DSLR with a full frame image sensor. Well, it appears that the information is true, as the company has confirmed these allegations using the Facebook account of its French subsidiary.

ricoh-france Pentax full frame DSLR to be released in 2015, says Ricoh News and Reviews

Ricoh France has admitted that the Pentax full frame DSLR is in development. The company also said that the camera is coming in 2015.

Ricoh France claims that a Pentax full frame DSLR camera will be released in 2015

A lot of time has passed since the last time a 35mm Pentax camera has been released on the market. The company has been going through some tough times, but Ricoh has come to the rescue back in 2011.

It appears that what the device photographers are waiting for will be announced sometime in 2015. Ricoh has confirmed that a Pentax full frame DSLR is in the works and that it is on track to be released in 2015.

These details are coming from the official Facebook account of Ricoh France and numerous Photokina 2014 visitors are reporting that the company’s representatives have made similar statements at the event.

Not further information has been provided, so you will have to keep an eye out for more.

Three new Pentax K-mount lenses previewed at Photokina 2014

In the meantime, Ricoh is displaying a trio of Pentax K-mount lenses at Photokina 2014. Only one of them has been named: HD DA 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 ED DC WR. This zoom lens is weathersealed and will offer a 35mm equivalent of 24-127mm when it becomes available this winter.

The other two models are a bright telephoto zoom lens and a regular super-telephoto zoom lens. Their focal lengths have not been disclosed, nor their designation. However, there are some reports which are claiming that these two are aimed at full frame cameras.

Last but not least, Ricoh has decided to bring a little more attention to the Pentax K-3 Gunmetal Edition. It is said that only 2,000 units were manufactured, but it does not seems like they have been selling really well. This edition is available at Amazon for around $1,300.

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