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Persona: learn more about people by looking at their personal items


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Photographer Jason Travis believes that you can learn more about people by taking a look at the objects they are using throughout the day. He has created the “Persona” photo series, which consists of a photo combination between a person’s portrait and a shot of the objects that are considered essential by the subject.

An Atlanta-based photographer decided to learn more about his friends back in 2007. Most artists would have chosen to take a portrait of the subjects wearing their favorite clothes and in their homes. However, the method chosen by Jason Travis was unconventional, as he thought that the best way to find out more about a person is to look at the things he or she likes to use on a daily basis.

The project started in late 2007 and it continues to grow to this day. It is called “Persona” and it consists of composed images of the subject and the shot of the objects he uses daily, which have been carefully arranged.

Intriguing photo compositions consisting of portraits of strangers and the objects they use daily

At first, Jason Travis wanted to learn more about his friends, but later the project expanded to include portraits of complete strangers. However, the idea remains the same. The artist will capture a portrait of the subject and a photo of the subject’s everyday objects, then put the two shots on top of each other.

Usually, it is very hard to learn something about a complete stranger or even about a friend just by looking at him or her. This aspect changes when you take a look at the items he or she carries with them in their pockets or in a bag.

Once you get to see what people use on a daily basis, you begin to form an idea about their personality, interests, hobbies, or jobs. “Persona” gives you this opportunity, which means that you can get to know a person without having a conversation with him or her and without reading a description about him or her.

Persona allows viewers to learn more about strangers through the eyes of artist Jason Travis

One thing to know about the “Persona” photo series is that it is not entirely objective. Jason Travis says viewers will see subjects as the artist has seen them, “which is always beautiful”.

This statement is absolutely true as you can see the “beauty in each of his subjects”. This series has allowed the photographer to blend the uniqueness of the subjects with his passion for photography and his knowledge of this art.

You can track the progress of this project at the photographer’s official website, where you can also learn a few more things about Jason Travis.

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