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Phase One iXU 150 medium format aerial camera announced


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Phase One has introduced the new iXU 150, which has become the lightest and smallest medium format aerial camera in the world.

After stealing the spotlights from Hasselblad with the launch of the world’s first CMOS-based medium format camera, courtesy of the IQ250, Phase One is back with another premiere.

The Danish company has just unveiled the first aerial camera with a CMOS medium format image sensor. It is called Phase One iXU 150 and it is aimed at use in combination with a UAV or a drone.

Phase One unveils world’s lightest and smallest medium format aerial camera

phase-one-ixu-150 Phase One iXU 150 medium format aerial camera announced News and Reviews

Phase One iXU 150 is a new aerial camera which features a 50-megapixel medium format image sensor.

The newly-announced camera features a 50-megapixel CMOS medium format image sensor, which could be identical or similar to that of the version used in the aforementioned IQ250.

Phase One’s iXU 150 is not a conventional camera. It has been designed for industrial purposes, such as mapping applications. Additionally, it will perform well as a surveillance equipment, too, these being the reasons why it can be mounted on UAVs or drones.

The manufacturer has confirmed that there are couple of models available for potential buyers. One of them is intended for visible light, while the other one is aimed at the near-infrared light.

New Phase One iXU 150 camera employs 50-megapixel sensor and Schneider-Kreuznach lenses

Phase One iXU 150 camera covers 68% more frame than a DSLR with a 35mm-type image sensor. The medium format sensor is bigger than that of a conventional full frame unit, but this comes with a drawback as the maximum continuous shooting mode stands at 0.8 frames per second. However, it is arguable that the 50-megapixel resolution is not helping either as the photos are larger in size than the images captured with normal cameras.

The Denmark-based company adds that the ISO sensitivity range of the iXU 150 stands between 100 and 6400. Even at the maximum ISO, the image quality is said to be at high standards.

The lens mount of the medium format aerial camera supports Schneider-Kreuznach central leaf shutters from the following optics: LS 28mm f/4.5 Aspherical, LS 55mm f/2.8, LS 80mm f/2.8, LS 150mm f/3.5, and LS 240mm f/4.5 IF.

Availability information

An exact release date has not been provided, but Phase One has confirmed that the camera is coming in July with USB 3.0 support and GPS / IMU direct communication support.

One of the major downsides of medium format cameras is also present in this aerial mode: pricing. The iXU 150 will become available for $40,000 in the US and €30,000 in Europe.

For more details, users can check out the company’s official website.

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