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Photographer Alexander Morris builds DIY Instagram photo booth


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Photographer Alexander Morris has created a Do-It-Yourself photo booth inspired by the Instagram logo.

Facebook is old-fashioned. The younger generation thinks that Instagram is “cool” and many youths have given up on the world’s biggest social network due to the emergence of the photo-editing platform.

Photographer built DIY Instagram photo booth from scratch

Instagram has become a source of inspiration for a lot of artists and photographers, and such is the case of Alexander Morris. The photographer gathered some wood, paint, and some digital imaging products, in order to design the DIY Instagram photo booth.

Morris has not patented the design, instead he uploaded the whole process on a DIY-related website, allowing anybody to recreate his “artwork”.

Nikon D3200 DSLR is the power horse underneath the photo booth

The building process starts with cutting the wood, adding a red dome push button, and then a couple of more holes – one for the camera and the other one for a monitor. Speaking of which, the photo booth consists of a Nikon D3200 (with regular 18-55mm kit lens) and a small TV, the latter being directly connected to the live view mode of the DSLR camera.

The design is truly inspired by Instagram’s logo, but the photographer added a wooden frame around the monitor hole, adding a little bit of “depth”.

Completing the procedure was tougher, as the sides needed to be fit, while Morris had to build the rounded corners. Anyway, a little bit of glue has been the perfect solution and the more important details have been added.

The photographer cut two holes at the top of the small structure, making room for two Nikon SB-900 Speedlight flashes. This flash gun can no longer be found in “new” condition, but a newer version, the SB-910, is available at Amazon for less than $550.

The whole concept is available online

Another tricky part was creating the electronic system. However, anybody can build it from scratch using the steps on Instructables.

The ventilation is provided by a couple of 60mm fans and the power comes for a standard plug, while the stability is ensured by a custom tripod.

The final step consisted of painting the walls and the photo booth was finally completed.

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