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Photographer wants to create a map of beautiful women while traveling


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A photographer is seeking for funds in order to travel around the world and take photos of beautiful women.

All the people in the world are passionate about something. Our passions are called hobbies and we all like doing something that would entertain or relax us. However, when it comes to dreams, each person has only one important dream.

Kei Akatsu looking to map the world’s most beautiful women

Some folks would love to become astronauts, some would love to be professional athletes, while others desire to become actors or singers. Well, not Kei Akatsu. This Japanese photographer dreams of travelling around the world in order to meet beautiful women and take their photos.

Akatsu is currently a student at the Tokyo University of Science, but in his spare time he takes care of a website called “Beauties World Map”. The site consists of a map where people can find the gorgeous ladies the student encountered during his travels.

Additionally, he was lucky enough to spend about six months in Vancouver, Canada, where he met several girls and organized some special photo shoots. The girls can be found on his blog, along with other women he met in the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Now, the photographer is seeking funds to resume his journey throughout the world, so he started a campaign on Campfire, a platform similar to the more popular Kickstarter.

Funding campaign got off to a slow start

Akatsu also revealed a promotional video and some photos with the beautiful women he meets in his journeys. Unfortunately, he only raised 76,000 yen which accounts for less than $800. The goal of the campaign is to raise more than 1 million yen or a little over $11,000.

People who pledge to “Beauties World Map” cause will receive a photo album, a postcard, and a composite image of one of the women. Any person who donates a few yens will also be mentioned on Kei’s website as an “official sponsor”.

Even though he raised only a small part of the total amount, Akatsu will not give up on his dream just yet, because there is still enough time remaining to achieve his goal.

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