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Photographer shoots professional portrait photo with an iPhone


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Popular photographer Philippe Echaroux has demonstrated that great portrait photos can be taken with a smartphone, cheap lighting, and a mobile application.

Philippe Echaroux is a well-known photographer based in France. He is very popular in the photography world thanks to his professional commercial and art photo shoots among other projects.

The photographer is the author of a very special project, which consists of taking celebrity-like portrait photos of people he encounters on the street. However, this time, he tried a different approach.

The different approach consists of using a smartphone. In addition to his mobile device, the artist also made use of cheap lighting source, while completing the task with an affordable application.

All of these are available to everyone, so, in theory, anybody could capture such professional-looking photos that can serve as profile pictures on social networking websites.

philippe-echaroux-portrait-photography-iphone Photographer shoots professional portrait photo with an iPhone Exposure

Portrait photography with an iPhone and €10 budget. Credits: Philippe Echaroux.

iPhone + €10 + Philippe Echaroux = amazing portrait photography

Rather than using his very expensive equipment, including a medium format camera, high-end 24 x 36 DSLR, Quadras, and special studio lighting, he decided to use a smartphone and a budget of  €10 for the lighting stuff.

As a result, he went to the local IKEA shop and found a €7.99 lamp, which matched the desired color temperature. Soon after that, he entered the studio with his friend and the newly-acquired lighting device.

Just a few tries later, the photographer managed to capture the desired portrait, but not before “burning” through the eyes of his subject with the lighting.

Professional-looking portrait photo was edited on the smartphone

He added just a couple of more euros, in order to purchase the Adobe Photoshop Touch application from the iOS Store. The app has recently been launched for the iPhone and Android smartphones for a price of $4.99 in the US store or €4.49 in European stores.

The end result is simply amazing and it truly demonstrates that a camera is only as good as the one who is holding it into his hands. This fact also applies to smartphones, such as an iPhone, Android photos with higher-megapixel cameras, and Windows Phone, such as the Nokia Lumia 920.

Philippe Echaroux also uploaded a “making of” video on YouTube, showing how he managed to capture the shot. He makes it look very easy, further proving that compact digital cameras might become obsolete in the near future, as the image sensors found in smartphone cameras are getting better and better.

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