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Phottix announces Strato TTL flash trigger for Canon DSLR cameras


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Phottix has introduced a new flash trigger for Canon cameras, called Strato TTL, which will allow photographers to fire external flashes using 2.4GHz wireless technology.

The Strato TTL flash trigger was expected to be released by Phottix since late last year. However, unforeseen issues have pushed its release date to later this year. The products has been re-announced by the third-party accessories manufacturer with a more precise release date: mid-October 2013.

phottix-strato-ttl Phottix announces Strato TTL flash trigger for Canon DSLR cameras News and Reviews

Phottix Strato TTL is a new flash trigger for Canon DSLR cameras. It is coming in mid-October with an LCD display and the ability to remotely trigger flash guns.

Phottix unveils Strato TTL flash trigger for beginner photographers

Phottix Strato TTL is based on the same idea as the more powerful and popular Odin TTL. The flash trigger comes with E-TTL, flash exposure compensation, and high-speed sync support. However, it is a more basic version when compared to the Odin.

The differences consist of the fact that photographers cannot adjust the zoom, the intensity, or the power of a remote Canon Speedlite. As a result, it is mainly aimed at novice photographers, who are just starting to experiment with multiple flash guns and radio controllers.

The Strato TTL is a cheap solution for beginners and it will not work in combination with the Ares and Odin radio triggers.

Canon version coming first, Sony and Nikon units to follow soon

Phottix admits that the Strato TTL is an entry-level flash trigger, which can be used for triggering off-camera flash guns. However, this does not mean that professionals cannot find a use for it.

According to the manufacturer, the new trigger is more than useful when trying to capture “fast-moving events”. The LCD provides information about the settings, including battery details.

The Phottix Strato TTL has a 100-meter range and it is compatible with Canon cameras. Nevertheless, the Sony and Nikon models will be released in the near future.

USB port to allow users to install firmware updates

The company has added a microUSB port on the new Strato TTL in order to allow users to upgrade the system. There are no details regarding the goodies that might be provided via a firmware update, but it will be exciting to see what features will be brought to the table.

Phottix claims that the new flash trigger will become available in mid-October for Canon DSLRs and the price will be announced closer to the launch date.

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