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Reflecta x8-Scan 35mm film scanner to be released in May


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Kenro has announced a replacement for the Reflecta x7-Scan in the body of the Reflecta x8-Scan, a tiny device aimed at digitizing 35mm film strips.

A lot of photographers are still capturing images using 35mm film cameras, while there are lots of people who own old film strips. Most of them would like to digitize the photos in order to make sure that they will be preserved for a longer period of time.

Thankfully, there are small and cheap devices out there which have been designed to do exactly the thing described above. The Reflecta x7-Scan has been on the market for about a year, but now it is time to leave room for its replacement.

Kenro has just made another announcement, revealing the new Reflecta x8-Scan, a tiny gadget that allows users to digitize 35mm film strips.

Kenro introduces Reflecta X8-Scan, a compact device that digitizes 35mm film

reflecta-x8-scan Reflecta x8-Scan 35mm film scanner to be released in May News and Reviews

Reflecta x8-Scan is a new 35mm film scanner which will become available this May for a price around $100.

Reflecta is a Germany-based company which focuses on high-end digitization devices. Its latest scanner is called x8-Scan, as stated above, and is capable of scanning 35mm film.

The device measures only 90 x 104 x 66mm and is weighs only 450 grams. However, it provides plenty of room to scan negative and positive 35mm film strips as well as 5x5cm slides.

The maximum scanning area is 24.3 x 36.5mm, while the maximum speed stands at 1,800 dpi per second. The optical resolution is 1,800 x 1,800 dpi and this is possible thanks to a 24-bit color CMOS image sensor.

The 35mm film scanner from Reflecta is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X computers

Reflecta x8-Scan sports a lamp made out of three white LEDs which will light up the film strips.

The scanner can be connected to a Windows or Mac OS X computer via a USB 2.0 cable. Its power comes through the USB port and does not require extra energy from other sources.

The x8-Scan is a high quality device, something that you can always expect from Reflecta, said Paul Kench, Kenro’s Managing Director.

Availability information

Kenro will begin selling the Reflecta x8-Scan as of this May. The device will ship with a slide holder (which can hold three slides) as well as a film holder (which can hold up to six photos).

A cleaning brush will also be added into the package, which will cost £59.04 / around $100. Additional details and store availability information can be found at Kenro’s website.

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