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Revolve Automated Motion ensures that you capture smooth time-lapses


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An automated motion control kit is making the rounds on Kickstarter, promising photographers that they will be able to capture smooth and professional-looking time-lapses and videos for a very small price.

A lot of photographers are wondering how to capture professional-looking time-lapses and videos without retorting to desperate measures. The answer to their question comes from Kickstarter, once again, where California-based Jeremy Canterbury is looking to successfully fund his invention, called Revolve Automated Motion (RAM).

revolve-automated-motion-slider Revolve Automated Motion ensures that you capture smooth time-lapses News and Reviews

Revolve Automated Motion slider will ensure that you capture professional-looking time-lapses and smooth videos for a small price.

Revolve Automated Motion will make sure photographers capture high-quality time-lapses

Jeremy has funded one of his projects on Kickstarter in the past: the Revolve Camera Dolly. Now he is back with an improved and more versatile idea. The new motion control kit is aimed at camera sliders and his dolly, as well.

Such systems are particularly useful when capturing time-lapses. However, they are usually very expensive. Thankfully, the Revolve Automated Motion is affordable and easy to use, too and it is compatible with all camera sliders on the market.

Furthermore, its creator says that the RAM will be compatible with the Revolve Camera Dolly, too, which has been funded on Kickstarter previously. For those who did not get the chance of buying a dolly, Jeremy is offering one at a special price.

RAM can move both horizontally and vertically

The RAM can be attached to a slider kit and it supports automatic movement. It can be used for vertical or horizontal time-lapses. Moving sideways is easy, but vertically is harder, therefore the system can only lift systems of up to 10 pounds.

The dolly kit can be used in friction or belt driving modes. The former is useful for panning or capturing circular time-lapses, while the latter can be moved along a conventional rail system or drive freely on a flat surface until it is no longer possible due to nature or other causes.

Several kits at different price points are available, but they are all cheap

There are several kits available on Kickstarter. The regular RAM slider costs $299, just like the dolly which also includes a friction drive gear. The full slider kit includes a 36-inch camera slider and is available for $449, while the full dolly kit with a Revolve Camera Dolly costs $399.

Jeremy is also offering an “ultimate combo kit”, which consists of both full kits. It is worth noting that all systems will ship with a standard 5rpm motor. However, backers can also purchase slow 1rpm or fast 60rpm motors for $35 each. The former is aimed at nighttime photography or very long time-lapse videos, while the latter can be used for capturing very fast action videos.

Want all kits and accessories? Then you can pledge $799 to the cause. Keep in mind that there are only 15 such bundles left and you will not be able to buy them at this price after they run out.

revolve-automated-motion-dolly Revolve Automated Motion ensures that you capture smooth time-lapses News and Reviews

Revolve Automated Motion dolly is great for circular videos or time-lapses on flat surfaces without a distance limit.

Goal met, but there are 30 days left for extra donations

Anybody can donate at the project’s Kickstarter page, where Jeremy has already met his $25,000 goal. It is worth noting that the RAM will probably retail at higher prices, therefore securing a unit at a discounted price would be a good decision.

There are 30 days left until the funding ends, meaning that there is enough time to make up your mind. The videos included in this article should be enough to convince you, but you can always find more information at product’s official website.

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