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Ricoh GR II specs and announcement date details leaked


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More details regarding the Ricoh GR II specifications list have been leaked on the web along with the compact camera’s announcement date.

Ricoh has been rumored to introduce a new compact camera during the past few weeks. The device in question is a high-end model that will replace an existing camera. Its name is Ricoh GR II and some of its specs have just been leaked online.

In addition to some hardware details, the rumor mill has confirmed that the premium fixed-lens camera will become official on June 18 during a special product launch event, while its price and release date information remains unknown.

new-ricoh-gr-ii-leaked Ricoh GR II specs and announcement date details leaked Rumors

Ricoh will reveal the leaked GR II compact camera on June 18 with minor improvements over its predecessor.

Some Ricoh GR II specs leaked on the web ahead of official announcement

A trusted source has confirmed that the previously leaked image of the Ricoh GR II is real. A new, but similar shot has also showed up online and it is the real deal, too. Just like you can see in the photo, the compact camera will employ an 18.3mm lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 that will offer a full-frame equivalent of about 28mm.

Additionally, the Ricoh GR II specs list will include WiFi and NFC technologies, allowing users to transfer files to a smartphone or tablet and to remotely control the shooter’s exposure settings via a mobile device.

The image sensor will be similar to the one of its predecessor. Although it will still have 16.2 megapixels, its low-light capabilities will be improved. At this point, it is unclear whether it will offer a higher maximum ISO or it will offer less noise at higher ISO than the original GR. The maximum ISO sensitivity of the current GR stands at 25,600.

The Auto White Balance settings will be improved, too and the compact camera will be powered by a GR Engine V, which is also available in the GR II’s forerunner.

Ricoh poised to reveal the GR II compact camera on June 18

The Ricoh GR II launch date has been leaked, too. According to a highly-reliable source, this compact shooter will be revealed on June 18.

By the looks of it, this will be Ricoh’s sole announcement for the day. Nevertheless, we will have to keep our options open as more products may become official within the next 24 hours.

As the rumor mill has not managed to reveal the price and release date of the camera, you will need to stay tuned for the official unveiling! Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the Ricoh GR for about $520.

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