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Samsung WB250F and DV150F WiFi Smart Cameras now available


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Samsung has announced the availability of two smart cameras introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, called WB250F and DV150F.

Samsung has refreshed its Smart Camera lineup at CES 2013 with five new cameras. Two of them are now available for sale, including the WB250F and the DV150F. The former is a long-zoom camera while the other is best known for its DualView capability, made possible thanks to a couple of LCD screens.

samsung-wb250f-dv150f-available Samsung WB250F and DV150F WiFi Smart Cameras now available News and Reviews

Samsung WB250F and DV150F now shipping with WiFi functionality for $249.99 and $149.99, respectively.

Samsung WB250F and DV150F WiFi Smart Cameras tacking smartphones

Mobile photography sits at crossing roads, with consumers reluctant to buy smaller digital cameras when they can opt for a high-end smartphone which does a decent job at taking photos. The South Korean company thinks that it has the solution for the slow digital camera sales affected by the emergence of the smartphones, in the bodies of the 2013 smart cameras.

An app called Samsung Smart Camera, for iOS and Android devices, gives users access to functions like Remote Viewfinder and MobileLink. With the help of the application, users can edit and share photos on numerous multimedia-sharing websites. Although Samsung is encouraging consumers to buy its Smart Cameras, it also confirms that the WiFi functionality in the WB250F and the DV150F requires a smartphone or a tablet to work properly.

Additionally, both cameras feature a function called AutoShare, which allows users to upload their photos on a mobile device. This might become a standard feature soon, as more and more photographers need a way to easily share their photos and videos on the web.

Specs and prices overview

The Samsung WB250F features a 14.2-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor which offers a 35mm equivalent of 24 to 432mm and 18x optical zoom. It is packing a 3-inch touchscreen, pop-up flash, full manual modes, and the popular Best Face option, which automatically takes burst shots and selects the best faces when taking portrait photos.

On the other hand, the Samsung DV150F sports a 16.2-megapixel CCD image sensor with 5x optical zoom and a 35mm equivalent of 25 to 125mm. The company says its fast f/2.5 25mm lens and aluminum body will appeal to entry-level users. However, the camera’s defining aspect consists of two LCD screens, a 2.7-inch rear display and a 1.5-inch front display.

The Samsung WB250F is available for a MSRP of $249.99, while the DV150F costs $149.99 at select retailers and at the company’s website.

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