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Samyang 50mm f/1.2 lens confirmed for 2014 via Facebook


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Samyang has confirmed that a 50mm f/1.2 lens is on the company’s 2014 roadmap, via the company’s official Facebook account.

Samyang, one of South Korea’s most popular companies, has announced that the 2014 roadmap includes a 50mm prime lens with a very fast aperture of f/1.2. The announcement was made in an unusual manner, with the help of a passionate Italy-based fan.

samyang-50mm-f1.2-lens-2014-roadmap Samyang 50mm f/1.2 lens confirmed for 2014 via Facebook News and Reviews

Samyang Asia confirmed a 50mm f/1.2 prime lens for 2014 on its Facebook account.

Samyang 50mm f/1.2 lens is included in the 2014 roadmap

Facebook user Cristina Quartarone has been asking questions and her perseverance finally paid off, when the person in charge of Samyang Asia’s official Facebook partner, Foto Gears, issued a response to her inquiry.

Cristina was curious whether the lens manufacturer had plans to build “50mm f1.4” lens that would be useful for capturing stills and videos. The response came after several hours when Samyang Asia confirmed that a 50mm prime lens is on the way. However, it will have an f/1.2 aperture, instead of an f/1.4 aperture.

The company also mentioned that the lens could become available in 2014, but it did not confirm any details about pricing, availability or other technical specifications.

Canon, Nikon, and Sony mounts will all be supported

Later on, Samyang provided more information about the lens’ mounts. According to the South Korean’s company Facebook account, the 50mm f/1.2 lens will become available with support for Canon, Nikon, and Sony mounts. This triggered an “outcry” from the users who were hoping that the lens would also support Pentax mounts. However, the company did not reveal any other details, though it should take the Pentax suggestion into consideration.

The new lens will tackle the upcoming Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 SSM lens. The German manufacturer announced that the lens will become available for A-mount cameras in “late Spring” for a price of “a little over $1,500”.

As Samyang manufactures cheaper lenses, it is logical to think that its 50mm lens will be a lot cheaper than Carl Zeiss’ product. For the time being, we should wait for more information before drawing a conclusion about the final price.

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