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SLR Magic HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 cine lens announced


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SLR Magic has announced a new HyperPrime cine lens for Micro Four Thirds users in the body of 10mm T2.1, while a 77mm 0.4-1.8 neutral density filter has also become official.

One of the most popular manufacturers of third-party lenses for Micro Four Thirds cameras is SLR Magic. The company has received lots of exposure thanks to its family of HyperPrime lenses, which are enjoyed by cinematographers using MFT shooters.

The company is back with another optic as well as a neutral density filter. Without further ado, the SLR Magic HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 cine lens and the 77mm 0.4-1.8 ND filter are now official and will be released within two months.

hyperprime-10mm-t2.1-cine SLR Magic HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 cine lens announced News and Reviews

HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 cine lens has been announced by SLR Magic as a new lens for Micro Four Thirds camera users.

SLR Magic unveils HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 cine lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras

SLR Magic has posted a press release to detail the introduction of its new HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 lens. The product is said to allow users to become more creative when it comes to both cinematography and photography.

The new lens is said to be perfect for interior, landscape, and architecture photos and videos. This is thanks to the combination of a wide focal length, offering a 35mm equivalent of 20mm, and the fast aperture.

As a result, the HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 could become a Micro Four Thirds user’s favorite “weapon” when it comes to “attacking” low-light environments.

Videographers, rejoice! The SLR Magic HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 cine lens offers a clickless aperture ring

The company has confirmed that the new SLR Magic HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 cine lens features a clickless aperture ring, which is helpful during video recording.

The lens consists of 13 elements in 12 groups with 11 diaphragm blades. Its total weight stands at 420 grams, so it will not be such a big burden when mounted onto your Micro Four Thirds camera.

SLR Magic says that the filter thread of the HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 lens stands at 77mm, which means that it is compatible with the new 77mm 0.4-1.8 ND filter.

A minimum focusing distance of 20 centimeters is noted in the product’s specs list, so users will have to be careful when focusing on close objects, as this optic only supports manual focusing.

The new HyperPrime 10mm T2.1 lens will be released this October

SLR Magic will release the lens towards the end of October for a price of $799. On the other hand, the 77mm 0.4-1.8 ND filter will be released around the same period for an amount of $179.

The neutral density filter will offer about 1.3 f-stop to 6 f-stop light reduction. It will allow users to take photos at bright apertures in broad daylight, while using a slow shutter speed.

The manufacturer is expected to reveal more products in the near future, so stick with us to get the news in due time!

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