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Sony A79 specs to include 32-megapixel image sensor


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The Sony A79 specs have been leaked on the web, ahead of the A-mount APS-C mirrorless camera’s announcement.

Sony will launch a slew of new cameras over the following months. A lot of devices might be announced by the end of 2013, but most of them will become available in 2014. Additionally, next year we will also witness the release of other new shooters.

Either way, one of the upcoming Sony cameras is the so-called A79. It might act as a replacement for the A77, an A-mount APS-C shooter with SLT technology. As previously established, the Japanese company is ditching the SLT mirror in favor of a mirrorless system, but it is keeping the DSLR form factor.

sony-a79-specs Sony A79 specs to include 32-megapixel image sensor Rumors

Sony A79 specs have been leaked on the web. The camera, which might replace the A77, is rumored to feature a 32-megapixel Exmor HD sensor and a 480-point AF system.

Sony A79 specs list leaked on the web

Ahead of the device’s official announcement, the Sony A79 specs have been leaked on the web. For the time being, the camera is in prototype phase, meaning that some of these specifications are subject to change.

The shooter will feature a 32-megapixel Exmor HD image sensor, built-in high-resolution electronic viewfinder, a new autofocus system with a staggering amount of 480 focus points, 8 to 14 frames per second in continuous mode depending on shooting quality, and a 4GB buffer.

All of these specs are like a dream come true for Sony fans, while that large buffer will surely be enticing for wildlife photographers. The body will be made out of magnesium, but it is unknown whether it will be weather-sealed or not.

Is this an APS-C camera or a full frame one?

The rumor mill has recently revealed that Sony has developed three new full frame sensors, clocked at 24, 32, and 36 megapixels. One of them might be available in the A79. However, this would mean that the camera is not an APS-C device, so it will not replace the A77.

Another possibility is that the company has also created APS-C sensors providing the same quality as that of the full frame ones, so this may well be A77’s successor.

All sensors are said to feature Olympus’ on-sensor phase detection autofocus technology, which would explain the 480-point AF system. As usual, this is based on rumor and speculation, therefore it may never become true.

For the time being, the Sony A77 is available for purchase at Amazon and B&H Photo Video for $898.

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