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Sun harnessing camera charger


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How many times have you been out, shooting photos, and suddenly your battery decides to enter a deep coma? You have your camera charger, but… there is no power outlet near you! This is where Freeloader Pro and CamCaddy come to your help.

One of the biggest problems of outdoor photo shoots is power reserves. No matter how much you try to conserve energy, the batteries of your equipment will still run out at some point. It usually happens when you need it the most.

External chargers are available, but they take a while to recharge, so an alternative is a solar powered charge, which will provide plenty of juice during sunny days.

solar-power1 Sun harnessing camera charger News and Reviews

The Charger has a 1600mAh lithium battery.

Solar powered chargers have been used and abused for quite some time now, but none are as powerful and as reliable as the Freeloader Pro and CamCaddy duo-pack. Freeloader has a powerful 9.5V battery that can be charged from both its solar panels and from a PC (via a USB link).

While using the solar panels, you need to keep it 7 to 9 hours out in the sun. This way, its internal 1600mAh Lithium battery will gain enough power to juice anything that runs on batteries: telephones, PDAs, eBooks and most importantly, camera batteries.

It is made out of aluminum, with a black-piano finish. Just like Solar Technology states, it is good for anyone who wants the best:

“Made of tough aluminium and finished in a stylish “piano” black, Freeloader Pro is the perfect companion for adventure travelers, journalists, explorers, expeditions, the armed forces and anyone who demands the best!”

CamCaddy is a special battery cradle that can fit any SLR, compact digital camera or video camera battery. It features a variable slider bar and adjustable contact pins that promise to adapt to any battery.

“Light weight and rugged CamCaddy is the ONLY camera battery charger capable of powering virtually all camera batteries.”

The pack is available at a price of £69.99 from Amazon and the Solar Technology website, which can be considered a small price to pay for having enough power to successfully complete a photo shoot.

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