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Syrian war photos should make North Korea review its position


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North Korea is threatening the whole world, but the hostilities in Syria are very real.The Atlantic has compiled an amazing collection of war photos to portrait the whole situation.

People following the news are aware that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un has issued official threats to South Korea and the United States. Fortunately, his words are still in the “threat” phase.

The “beloved” state leader claims that he will strike the two nations with atomic bombs. This matter has attracted a lot of interest, which is good news, because opponents must never be underestimated.

North Korea’s threats are escalating, but Syria is already boiling

However, there are many other serious things in this world, which demonstrate that there is something wrong with humanity. Two years have passed since the revolution in Syria started. It did not take too long for this revolution to turn into an all-out war between the rebels and the forces supporting president Bashar al-Assad.

War photojournalists are taking a lot of risks in bringing the latest news and images from hostile grounds. However, they wake up every morning, take their gear, and start reporting.

According to information coming from Syria, more than one million refugees have been forced to leave the country. Moreover, the number of deaths surpassed 6,000 in March 2013, the biggest amount in a month since the fight has begun.

Several Syrian cities have been demolished

The Atlantic has compiled a collection of striking images from Reuters and AFP’s photographers. Capital city, Damascus, is not the only town affected by the never-ending combat. Other areas, such as Aleppo, Deraa, Deir al-Zor, Idlib, and Homs, have been devastated by tanks, grenades, mortars, mines, stingers, RPGs, and other weapons of fueling the Syrian war.

The photos are clearly showing that the warfare is doing no good to anyone. Journalists are reporting that neither party has made any progress over the past few months. They are fighting and the battle will only end when one side will surrender or exhaust its resources.

Syrian war has taken its toll

Most aforementioned cities have been almost completely destroyed in the confrontations. Still, a lot of people have managed to live in these places, including women and children.

The images are worth looking at, and they will make anybody contemplate about war and its horrors.

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