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Thanko launches 32 LED Smartphone Flash to light up the scene


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Thanko has released another interesting product for photography enthusiasts, but this time it is aimed at smartphone and tablet owners, as it consists of a 32-LED flash.

Smartphone cameras are not as good as the cameras found in compact shooters. They do a good job in capturing the essential, but that is pretty much it. Moreover, they tend to lose it completely when it comes to low-light photography with few exceptions, including the Nokia 808 PureView, Lumia 920 (and its variants), and the HTC One.

thanko-led-smartphone-flash Thanko launches 32 LED Smartphone Flash to light up the scene News and Reviews

Thanko’s 32 LED flash can be attached to any smartphone or tablet with a 3.5mm jack.

Smartphone flash does not provide enough light? Thanko is here with the perfect solution!

Tens of millions of smartphones are sold each quarter, but most manufacturers do not seem to be concerned about taking better images during nighttime and it seems like things will not change anytime soon.

This is why third-party manufacturers, such as Thanko, can come up with innovative solutions. The answer for poor photos in low-light conditions is provided by Thanko with the help of a 32-LED flash.

Xenon flashes offer more light, but phone makers choose to integrate dual-LED flashes into their devices. Thanko did the logical thing and upped the stakes by 16 fold, as its latest flash comes packed with 32 flash units.

The 32 flashes will definitely provide more light than single xenon or dual LED ones. Moreover, the best part about Thanko’s accessory is that it can be easily attached to any device which features a 3.5mm headset jack because that is the way the “32 LED Smartphone Flash” is going in.

thanko-32-led-smartphone-flash Thanko launches 32 LED Smartphone Flash to light up the scene News and Reviews

Thanko 32 LED Smartphone Flash can be used for lighting up poorly-lit environments. It has an ON/OFF button, so you can place it anywhere you like and leave it turned on for extended photo shoots.

Thanko’s 32 LED Smartphone Flash price stands below $20

The Thanko 32 LED Smartphone Flash features a battery large enough to last for hours and it is rechargeable, too. The seller says that the product can be easily charged through the microUSB port. The cable will not be supplied, but most of today’s mobile devices come packed with a USB cable, so this should not be a problem.

Additionally, the price will also not trouble buyers, since the product is available for only 1,980 yen, which represents less than $20.

Connection through the 3.5mm port is optional

It is worth mentioning that the 32-LED flash unit does not have to be connected through the 3.5mm port at all. It features an ON/OFF button, so the flash can sit wherever the photographer needs better lighting.

Thanko is well-known in Japan for releasing “cool” products. The latest involved a tiny DSLR camera, which captured 5-megapixel images and was able to record 720p HD videos.

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