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The 120 Pinhole Project is a DIY 120 medium format film camera


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A UK-based photographer has unveiled a Kickstarter project which, if successful, will teach fellow photographers how to build their own 120 medium format film camera.

Photographer Kelly Angood has become a media favorite when she revealed a “Do It Yourself” 35mm film camera. After receiving numerous requests from various people, she has decided to turn the idea into a Kickstarter project. The result is called “The 120 Pinhole Project” and it consists of a DIY 120 medium format camera.

the-120-pinhole-project-kit The 120 Pinhole Project is a DIY 120 medium format film camera Fun

The 120 Pinhole Project kit will be sent to backers along with complete instructions on how to assemble the DIY medium format film camera.

The 120 Pinhole Project announced through Kickstarter

Angood revealed that her greatest desire was to have a medium format camera, but she never fulfilled her dream because such a device is very expensive. Doing it yourself is cheaper and the 120 Pinhole Project is sure to be a lot less expensive than conventional medium format cameras.

The camera behind the 120 Pinhole Project does not require a lens, as it relies on a pinhole to capture photos on 120 medium format film. The original design of the camera was made out of recycled card, cut by the photographer’s own hands. However, Angood created a DIY kit, allowing anybody with the instructions to build their own pinhole camera.

Kelly will print the kit and will keep recycled card as the main construction material. If the project is successful, then she will send the kit, instructions, and the spool to people who backed the project on Kickstarter.

The photographer will also compile a video consisting of a set of instructions, in order to provide a little bit more help to those who have never experimented with DIY projects.

DIY 120 medium format camera shipping this November

The 120 Pinhole Project release date has been scheduled for November 2013. Shipping is free in the United Kingdom, but for extra £10 she will send the kit anywhere outside the UK.

Kelly Angood started the project on March 2, 2013. The funding will end on April 16, 2013. The goal is to raise £15,000. This may seem like a large amount, but she has already raised £5,583 with 39 days to go.

At the time of writing this article, exactly 174 backers have pledged to the cause, with 150 of them donating £25 or more and 18 of them donating £30 or more. They will receive the 120 Pinhole Kit at their door and will be able to start building the camera.

the-120-pinhole-project-photography The 120 Pinhole Project is a DIY 120 medium format film camera Fun

A photo snapped using The 120 Pinhole Project. The photographer will organize a portrait photo session for five backers who pledge £1,500 or more.

Pledging more money has its surprises

People who pledge £150 or more will receive a pre-constructed kit with medium format film included in the package, along with a hand-written “thank you!” note. Additionally, donating £500 or more will get you a place at a pinhole photography workshop in London in December 2013, with lunch included.

Ultimately, pledging £1,500 or more will include a portrait session in a London photography studio. Travelling (within UK), make-up artist, lunch, hand prints, and other costs will be covered entirely by Kelly.

The photographer is keeping a diary on her Tumblr blog, where she posts regular updates about the Kickstarter project’s progress.

Kelly confirmed that the camera plans are complete and that the kit suppliers have already send the quotes to the photographer. All that she needs is the Kickstarter funding to begin manufacturing the 120 medium format film camera.

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