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“The Farm Family” project portrays animals like humans


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Photographer Rob MacInnis is the author of an intriguing photo series, called “The Farm Family”, which consists of family-like portraits of animals living at the farm.

In the US, family portraits are very popular. Once a year, all members of a family will gather around and have their photos taken by a photographer. It is a way to see how much they have grown or changed since the last time they got together.

Brooklyn-based photographer Rob MacInnis has created a similar project. However, instead of portraying humans, the artist has compiled a collection of animal portraits, which look like the classic family portraits.

The project is called “The Farm Family” and it has attracted a lot of attention in the media for its originality and execution.

Farm animals portrayed as human families in “The Farm Family” photo series

Most animals living at a farm are usually there for the same reason. They are grown and they will ultimately end up on on someone’s table. This is the cold hard truth and it has been like that for generations.

As a child, you do not really know what you are eating. Kids feel compassion for all animals, including those living at a farm. However, once they grow up, everything seems to change and only few of them will choose to give up on eating meat.

Farm animals are treated as human possessions. In an attempt to change this aspect, photographer Rob MacInnis has decided to portray farm animals as if they were humans living in a community.

The artist is aiming to make the viewers believe that animals are self-aware and that they have the ability to make decisions for themselves. This way, the viewers will once again feel compassion for them.

Information about “The Farm Family” project’s author, photographer Rob MacInnis

Rob MacInnis graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design back in 2005. He has also studied at the New York Film Academy and has also received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

His career is very impressive, with his work being featured in The New York Times, The Globe and The Mail, Eye Weekly, and Enroute Magazine among others.

The photographer’s works have been exhibited at numerous art fairs around the world.

“The Farm Family” is just one of his projects. More details about Roc MacInnis and his works can be found at the photographer’s personal website.

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