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Transcend unveils new Copy Protected SD and microSD memory cards


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Transcend introduced a new range of copy-protected memory cards, which can be used by all types of businesses and users who want to keep their data protected.

Transcend-Copy-Protected-memory-cards Transcend unveils new Copy Protected SD and microSD memory cards News and Reviews

Transcend’s new Copy Protected SD and microSD memory cards of up to 64GB, respectively 32GB

Transcend Information, a storage and multimedia company, has announced its new SD / microSD memory cards, which come packed with copy-protection tools, such as read-only support.

Protecting multimedia files

The new SD and microSD cards support all types of audio and video files.  The manufacturer says they can be used by institutions looking to share information with their employees or students. Transcend’s storage solutions can also be used by small businesses and organizations that want to prevent intellectual property theft.

Because the data is copy-protected, individuals cannot make any unauthorized copies of it. Users can choose to protect only certain areas of the SD card, meaning that some parts of the memory cards can be entirely accessible to other 3rd parties.

Additionally, when deleting a protected area, it will become a free area until the owner decides to transfer other copy-protected data to that space. If the owner decides to make the entire memory card read-only, then other users will not be able to copy, write or delete any information seen on the cards, though they will be able to access the data.

Even more protection

If the owner of a Transcend copy-protected memory card wants to make these storage solutions even safer, then the company will offer a custom card reader. The USB 3.0-based RDF5 acts like a regular card reader, but it offers an extra incentive – the ability to unlock the information on the card.

Transcend describes the USB 3.0 RDF5 card reader as a key that protects user data from falling into the wrong hands. It is recommended for institutions like schools and banks, as well as for the state personnel, including government, police  and military workers.

Sensitive data will be fully protected against replicating, because the data will be accessible only when the memory cards are inserted into the card reader.

These new copy-protected cards can be used in all types of portable consumer electronics, including cameras and GPS devices. A card ID can be added in the bundle, in order to lock a SD or microSD card to a single device. Host device authentication technology makes sure that the card does not work with any other device than the host onr.


Transcend’s press release does not mention any release date or price tags, but it does say that the Copy Protected SD cards will be available in several capacities, ranging from 2 GB to 64GB, while the Copy Protected microSD card capacities will vary from 2GB to 32GB.

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