Use Photoshop Actions to Fix Color and Light: A Fan Blueprint Share

This before and after Blueprint shows how you can use Photoshop actions to adjust colors and lighting in your images.  Thank you to Barb Dubrawski of Amazon Lens for this Blueprint. Barb wrote “Loving how your work makes mine easier!”

Here are the manual steps and Photoshop actions she used to go from her before image to her after.

  1. Cropped Horizontal 9×14 300dpi
  2. Curves layer RBG to bring up the midtones and darken a touch – Input 11, output 0
  3. Curves, Blue: input 106, output 148 to cool it down dramatically (as taught in the MCP Color Fixing Photoshop Class)
  4. Ran the Photoshop action Darker and Richer from the Complete Workflow set, 82% , brushed out her face with large soft brush at 100%
  5. Ran Skin Cast Blast from the Magic Skin Photoshop Actions – and use the layer Bye Bye Mellow Yellow at 100% and bye bye Pumpkin at 85% and Bye Bye Lobster at 100%
  6. Flattened
  7. Ran Magic Foundation from Magic Skin Photoshop Actions at 45%, dark soft brush masked our the eyes
  8. Use the FREE Touch of Light over their faces 16 %, with a large soft brush, Touch of Dark over her hair 80% and in the corners
  9. Burned the background and dodged her eyes and burned edges – If you do not know how to do this, it can also be done with the Eye Doctor and then using MCP’s FREE Photoshop actions: Burnt Edges
  10. Then I sharpened, and Voila!

How to fi poor color in Photoshop

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 2


    Very nice work, Barb. It really does make a hugely beneficial difference to the photo.

    Thank you very much for sharing; I’ll be sure to give the technique a try!

  2. 5


    This is a stunning photo, thanks for sharing your steps. I’d love to see the edit without the close crop…her hair is just beautiful on her skin…what a great model and composition you made with it!

  3. 6


    I think it’s a beautiful picture! The only thing I sometimes worry about is maintaining proper skin tone with dark skin like this model has. Obviously, the SOOC image benefited greatly from the help, but I almost feel like too much of this beautiful model’s skin color has been drained. Certainly not bashing the image, but curious if people have experience with this? I sometimes have more difficulty with Hispanic and black skin using these actions, as they tend to lighten skin a lot!

    Here’s an example of what I mean. I was unhappy with the original image, and had to play around quite a bit to get the skin tone more correct. The bride ended up being thrilled and made it her Facebook profile pic!

  4. 8


    Thanks to Jodi for the time put into creating these actions and the classes, and thank you for your comments!
    Paul, I hear you:I wanted to maintain the integrity of the skin tones, and still make the image “work”, I feel its a tight line to draw. If you come across any articles or KB I’d really appreciate it!


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