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Tips-for-Successful-Spring-Family-Portraits-for-Photographers-600x529 10 Tips For Spring Family Portraits For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography Tips

10 Tips for Photographers to Prepare For Spring Family Portraits

In my previous post, I highlighted 5 tips for clients on how to get ready for Spring Family Portraits. This post will focus on the photographers’ side and discuss how to be prepared for the Spring Family Portraits season.

1) Gear Readiness

Check all your equipment. Get cameras and lenses cleaned and serviced. Check reflectors for any tears. I recently had an issue with my primary camera and it was a MAD RUSH to get it serviced and ready for my weekend session! I, personally, am a Canon user and have the Canon Professional Services Membership, which is a great service that is very quick and efficient. It is always a good idea, no matter what brand you use, to have your equipment serviced and cleaned before the busy season hits so that you are well prepared.

2) Update Camera Accessories

Clean out and reformat your memory cards and recharge/replace flash batteries so they are ready for immediate use.

3) Backup External Hard Drives

Clean out any external hard drives and backup all of your previous year’s work. There is nothing more frustrating than finding a full hard drive when you are trying to backup your memory cards out in the field.

4) Showcase Latest Work

Update your Website and Portfolio with your latest work. Most of us get so busy with sessions, blogging and marketing, that we tend to forget about updating our websites and portfolio (I know I am guilty of that too). You know you have done some amazing work – take the time to share it with the world!

5) Order Business Stationary

Take advantage of Spring sales and stock up on business cards, brochures and any other marketing materials you know you will need for the months ahead.

6) Prepare And Update Business Templates

These can be templates for responding to inquiries, sending invoices and/or requesting feedback. This will speed up your workflow and help you balance your business and personal life once the busy season hits.

7) Update Your Go-To Location List

Take the time now to scope out new and interesting locations. Test out lighting at various times of day and make a note of them in your journal. This will ensure you are prepared for the coming year and your portfolio images are fresh and new!

8) Update Your Posing Techniques

Research new poses and techniques and keep them handy for your sessions – I look at various magazines and newspapers for inspiration. When I find something I like, I snap a quick picture with my iPhone and store those images in separate albums. That ensures I have them handy when I need them because let’s face it, a photographer is never without his/her camera phone!!!

9) Create Season-Specific ‘What to Wear’ Guides

Create a ‘What To Wear’ Pinterest board for the various seasons and times of the year. Proactively share these with your clients so that they can use these clothing tips when preparing for their sessions. Additionally, it shows them that you have a plan and are well prepared for the shoot. Here is an example of my Pinterest Board for Spring Sessions.

10)  Update Your Mindset

For most of us, Winter is a slow season. It is our time to rejuvenate and renew our mind, body and soul. Start to shake away the winter blues and have a fresh, positive attitude towards life and your business and you WILL do great things this year!

I hope you have enjoyed this two part series on Preparing for Spring Family Portraits. Feel free to share other tips and ideas that have helped you prepare for Spring.

Karthika Gupta, guest blogger for this article, is a Lifestyle Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in the Chicago Area. You can see more of her work on her website Memorable Jaunts and follow her on her Memorable Jaunts Facebook page.


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  1. Heather on April 23, 2014 at 8:41 am

    hello I have been using some of the actons now for some time now and i wanted to tell you THANK YOU for all the amazing tips and help I don’t get paid to take picture because i’m still not that good but your tip are very very help full

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