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Cute portrait photos of Zoey and Jasper wearing silly hats


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Photographer Grace Chon is capturing adorable photos of her 10-month-old baby and her 7-year-old rescue dog wearing silly hats, putting together a cute image series called Zoey and Jasper.

Dogs and babies are great portrait photo subjects. Put them together and you will get the cutest portraits that you will ever take. This is what photographer Grace Chon has done with her baby and her dog with the result called Zoey and Jasper.

The story of how Grace Chon has created one of the cutest portrait photo series of all time

Being a commercial lifestyle photographer is no easy work especially when you are a mother of a 10-month-old baby. You need to make time for everything, including capturing your kid’s childhood on camera.

Grace Chon says that she is a dog lover and has been “forcing” her pets to wear silly costumes. Once she has had a baby, the natural thing has been to put silly hats on him and start taking photos.

Chon’s inspiration came one day when she put her baby’s hat on the head of her 7-year-old rescue dog, called Zoey. Grace noticed that the hat looked cute on her dog’s head, so she thought that it would be nice to take some photos.

The decisive moment was when Grace’s sister came up with the idea of putting Zoey and Jasper, her 10-month-old son, side-by-side, both wearing cute hats. These cute portraits have been welcomed by Instagram and Tumblr users, so the photographer has turned Zoey and Jasper into a full-fledged photo series.

About Zoey and Jasper

Zoey may appear confident in front of the camera, however, the photographer says that she has been experienced some rough times. This rescue dog is very shy as she has been born in front of a store in Taiwan.

The owner of the store has thrown them into the gutter. Zoey and her siblings have been rescued by a small girl who took them into her house. The Taiwanese schoolgirl could not keep the dogs, so she put them up for adoption.

As you have figured it out, Zoey has ended up in Grace Chon’s home and now she is having fun alongside Jasper, while loving her attributes as a big sister. On the other hand, Jasper is the “happiest baby ever” as he is always smiling and laughing.

Photographer Grace Chon says that a photo shoot does not take longer than 10 minutes, this way boredom is prevented. After that, Zoey and Jasper can carry on with their lives, while their mom can start editing the shots.

There are plenty of cute images at the photographer’s official website, where you can keep in touch with the latest adventures of a cute 7-year-old dog and an adorable 10-month-old baby.

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