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Sony HX70 compact camera rumored to be on its way

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Sony HX70 compact camera rumored to be on its way

Sony is rumored to announce a new superzoom compact camera in the body of the HX70 sometime in the near future, which will replace the HX60 / HX60V compact cameras.

During the first quarter of 2014, Sony announced the HX60 and HX60V cameras. Both are identical in almost every aspect with one exception: the “V” version comes with built-in GPS, while the former does not have such feature.

A little over one year has passed since that moment and it seems like the Japan-based company is planning to announce a replacement to these shooters. The rumor mill is claiming that a replacement will become official soon, so the Sony HX70 is expected to be revealed within a few weeks.

Sony HX60
Sony HX60 is rumored to be replaced by the Sony HX70 soon.

Sony HX70 and HX70V compact cameras could be announced in the near future

Sony’s solution for travel photographers, who do not want to carry around an interchangeable lens camera, is the HX-series, which consists of compact fixed-lens cameras with long-zoom optics.

The latest models are the HX60 and HX60V, two cameras which share a similar specifications list including a 30x optical zoom lens, except for GPS functionality. A successor is coming soon, albeit it is unknown whether or not it will be split into two models, like previous generations.

It would be quite interesting to see the so-called Sony HX70 being released as a single version with integrated GPS, thus ditching the one without location capabilities. However, there are users who do not need the location features, so they prefer to spend a little less on a camera, rather than spending more on a camera that offers features they will never use.

The date of the announcement event is unknown, but it should occur sometime in the near future, which is why you will have to stay tuned to find out more!

Sony HX400
Sony HX400 bridge camera could also be substituted in the neighboring future by the Sony HX500.

Sony HX500 and HX500V bridge cameras might be revealed soon, too

The source says that another fixed-lens camera will be introduced alongside the Sony HX70, which is not an RX or QX model.

The most likely model consists of a replacement to the HX400 and HX400V. These are bridge cameras with 50x optical zoom lenses, that have become official alongside the HX60 and HX60V. Their specs list are also identical, with the GPS functionality being the exception, as expected.

Just like its cousins, there may be just a single model: either the Sony HX500 or the Sony HX500V. Nevertheless, the most likely option is that both units will be launched.

As stated above, the announcement might take place within a few weeks. Stick with us!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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Sony HX70 compact camera rumored to be on its way