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Canon ultra wide-angle zoom lens coming at NAB Show 2015


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Canon will announce a new ultra wide-angle zoom cine lens at NAB Show 2015 with a maximum aperture of T3.5, which will serve as an affordable alternative to the company’s T2.8 models.

The National Association of Broadcasters Show 2015 is approaching fast. The event will open its doors on April 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada and will come packed with the latest technologies from the cinematography world.

Canon is already set the join the event in order to introduce the EOS C300 Mark II and the EOS C500 Mark II camcorders, as well as a 4K camera that will compete against the Panasonic GH4. However, there is more to come from the EOS maker at NAB Show 2015. It appears that an ultra wide-angle zoom lens, designed for cinematography purposes, will become official, too.

canon-cn-e-15.5-47mm-t2.8-lens Canon ultra wide-angle zoom lens coming at NAB Show 2015 Rumors

Canon is offering multiple T2.8 lenses in its cine line-up, such as the Canon CN-E 15.5-57mm T2.8 lens. The company is allegedly planning to launch a more affordable T3.5 ultra wide-angle zoom lens at NAB Show 2015.

Canon ultra wide-angle zoom lens set for NAB Show 2015 announcement

The Japan-based company is focusing heavily on the cinematography industry. A few products will be revealed at NAB Show 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, as stated above. The rumor mill says that a Canon ultra wide-angle zoom lens will be announced with a maximum aperture of T3.5.

Cinematographers using Canon’s camcorders are used to optics offering a light transmission of T2.8. Nevertheless, there are voices saying that the manufacturer must add cheaper and more compact solutions into its line-up. The answer is a T3.5 version, which will be quite small and affordable when compared to its siblings.

The focal range is unknown for the time being, but it should be revealed closer to the upcoming event, hence you should stay tuned to Camyx to find out.

Panasonic GH4 competitor and more 4K cameras coming next month

In the meantime, Canon is also believed to be working on three new video-centric cameras. Two of them are already known, the EOS C300 Mark II and EOS C500 Mark II, both of which capable of shooting 4K videos.

Moreover, the third model will also capture 4K footage, but it will be aimed at consumers instead of professionals. A Panasonic GH4 competitor has been rumored for quite a while, albeit the company has denied the rumors.

The truth will be revealed in the near future. Nevertheless, you still have to take all this information with a pinch of salt. Stay close, more goodies are coming soon!

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