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3 Secrets to Keep Clients Coming Back


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3 Secrets to Keep Clients Coming Back

Did you know it costs you more to find new customers than it does to keep your existing customers?  Not only that, but the customers you have now can be the future to not only repeat sales, but also quality referrals, making you much more and saving you thousands in advertising dollars!  Picture the clients that you’ve had over the last 12 months.  They should be your base to build your business with.  And if you treat them right, the clients will come back over and over and bring their friends and family with them, and these are the best clients you can have!  Loyal clients!

Masks-24-of-236-600x400 3 Secrets to Keep Clients Coming Back Business Tips Guest Bloggers Here are 3 key things that must happen in your business to keep those clients and build referrals from these clients.

1 – Create Amazing Images.  This should go without being said, but you should always be working on your photography skills.  Masters never arrive!  If you are not taking classes, getting feedback or finding new inspiration all the time, then find a way to make it happen.  Your images can be the best referrer, or on the flip side, they can be the reason people don’t stay with you.

 untitled-858-600w 3 Secrets to Keep Clients Coming Back Business Tips Guest Bloggers

2 – Create an Amazing Experience.  If you want to set yourself apart from your competition and stay ahead, your work with your client should not end with just great images, but include a fabulous experience for your client while they work with you.  An experience so great that it gives them even more reason to become your loyal client year after year.  Offer excellent communication and marketing pieces, surprise them with little thank you gifts or tokens, and include hand written notes.  Find ways to go above and beyond to delight and surprise your clients!

 East-Valley-family-656-of-271 3 Secrets to Keep Clients Coming Back Business Tips Guest Bloggers

3 – Stay in front of them.  Now this is the key to getting clients to really stick!  By staying in front of your clients throughout the year, it continues to foster the relationship that you have already built, it makes you the best and most convenient photographer around and it strategically places you in front of them the next time they are ready to buy.  How do you stay in front of them?  If they are following your blog, then that is one great way, but have you considered sending out birthday cards or a holiday card from your family?  Even better is a newsletter!  Whether you send one out monthly or quarterly, a newsletter can be a fantastic way to set you apart from the crowd, establish yourself as the expert and keep you right there in front of them the next time your clients (or their friends) are ready for pictures.

Amy Fraughton is the owner of Photo Business Tools and loves helping photographers from all over the world build their customers and increase their sales.  She is devoted to teaching marketing, sales, people skills and organization to help photographers rock their businesses!  Check out her latest product, Newsletter Nanny,  for your own pre-written newsletters and use code:  nanny30 to receive 30% off for a limited time!


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