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80-megapixel Phase One A280 medium format camera announced


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Phase One has officially announced three new medium format cameras, the A250, the A260, and the A280, the latter featuring an impressive 80-megapixel CCD image sensor.

Among other things, Phase One is well-known for its amazing medium format cameras. Today, the company has decided to introduce the next-generation A-series cameras for capturing “fine art photography”.

The new line-up consists of the Phase One A280, A260, and A250, which can capture photos at 80 megapixels, 60 megapixels, and 50 megapixels, respectively.

The cameras are developed alongside ALPA, which has supplied the bodies, while Phase One has created the digital backs.

phase-one-a280 80-megapixel Phase One A280 medium format camera announced News and Reviews

Phase One A280 medium format camera features an 80-megapixel sensor.

First A-series medium format cameras revealed by Phase One and ALPA

Phase One and ALPA have worked together at creating the first A-series cameras, which will offer outstanding image quality along with versatility for all types of photographers.

The trio consists of the A280, A260, and A250, which feature an ALPA 12TC mirrorless body and a Phase One IQ2 medium format digital back.

These cameras will come packed with a Rodenstock Alpar 35mm f/4 lens, that will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of approximately 22mm.

Photographers will be able to switch the lenses and they will have a couple more options at their disposal: the Alpagon 23mm f/5.6 (35mm equivalent of 15mm) and the Alpagon 70mm f/5.6 (35mm equivalent of 45mm).

Beside the 35mm f/4 lens, the medium format cameras will ship with the Capture One Pro 8.1 image-processing software and Capture Pilot 1.8, the latter allowing users to view lens profiles and exposure details from an iOS smartphone or tablet.

phase-one-a280-back 80-megapixel Phase One A280 medium format camera announced News and Reviews

Users can set the lens color profiles directly from the back of the digital camera back.

Phase One A280 employs an impressive 80-megapixel image sensor

The manufacturer says that each camera has a specific purpose. The Phase One A280 is an ultra-high-resolution shooter with an 80-megapixel CCD sensor for users who want to capture as many details as possible from a scene.

Furthermore, the Phase One A260 is aimed at users who enjoy low-light photography. This MF camera can shoot 60-megapixel photos at ISO 50 and at an exposure time of up to 60 minutes.

Last but not least, the Phase One A250 is powered by the 50-megapixel CMOS sensor found in the IQ250, which offers flexibility and an ISO sensitivity of up to 6,400.

The company is already selling the shooters, with the A280 being available for $55,000, the A260 for $48,000, and the A250 for $47,000. As stated above, the kit includes a 35mm f/4 lens.

The 23mm f/5.6 lens will sell for about $9,070, while the 70mm f/5.6 lens for about $4,520. All these products and more details are available at the manufacturer’s website.

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