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Breathtaking “Abstract Landscapes” depict rural surrealism


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US-based photographer Lisa Wood is the author of an eye-catching image project, called Abstract Landscapes, which consists of long-exposure photos of rural topography.

Rural landscapes are the ones that make a lot of people dreamy. Their can stir a lot of feelings in people’s hearts, as they tend to remind us of childhood and how fascinated we have been by so much free space and freedom in general. Still, this is not valid for all beholders and this is the reason why photography is beautiful: all eyes see it differently and all emotions vary from human to human.

dramatic-sky Breathtaking "Abstract Landscapes" depict rural surrealism Exposure

Dramatic sky, green hills, and a barn are the perfect setup for an amazing rural landscape photo. Credits: Lisa Wood.

Lisa Wood shoots surreal photos of rural scenery

Photographers often tend to head over to marginal areas to breathe clean air and capture some amazing shots. However, there are some artists who take everything to the next level thanks to their creativity.

This time it is Lisa Wood’s turn to amaze photography lovers with her landscape shots of rural areas. What appears to be conventional agrarian scenery is turned into breath-taking imagery in the “Abstract Landscapes” project.

farm-land Breathtaking "Abstract Landscapes" depict rural surrealism Exposure

This surreal cloud hovering over farm land is what you need to force you to head over to a rural site and start pressing the shutter button. Credits: Lisa Wood.

“Abstract Landscapes” are works of art worthy of surrealism fans

Surrealism did not kick off until the 1920s, but it is a lot of people’s favorite cultural movement. Such works of art are still appreciated and the situation will continue to remain like this for a long time.

Photography was not so mainstream in the early parts of the 20th century, but paintings were. Either way, now surrealism has made its way from painting to photography and Lisa Wood’s long-exposures fall into this category.

Her dreamy photos are absolutely stunning and they are worthy of being compared to the works of early surrealism artists. We could go as far as putting these images in contrast with Salvador Dali’s own masterpieces, but we will leave this up to the viewers.

green-hills Breathtaking "Abstract Landscapes" depict rural surrealism Exposure

A farm house sitting on green hills below one of the most dramatic and surreal skies that you will ever see. Credits: Lisa Wood.

“Dramatic” effects using “simple” long-exposure photography technique

The artist is based in Idaho, US, and she claims that the “Abstract Landscapes” project is aimed at providing “dramatic” photos created in simple environments using a simple technique.

Wood’s website even refers to the “abstract realism” concept and she has every right to do it, as her galleries are filled with stunning works. Head over to her website and if you like the photos, then you might want to help the artist and buy some prints.

snow Breathtaking "Abstract Landscapes" depict rural surrealism Exposure

Winter begins to show its teeth as a little bit of snow has reached this farm land. Credits: Lisa Wood.

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