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Adobe Lightroom 5 officially announced and released


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Adobe has officially announced Lightroom 5, a new version of its popular photo-editing and RAW processing software, which comes packed with a new suite of features.

Adobe Lightroom 5 is the next-generation image processing program aimed at professional photographers. The software is available for purchase right now as a standalone application or as part of the Creative Cloud platform.

adobe-lightroom-5 Adobe Lightroom 5 officially announced and released News and Reviews

Advanced Healing Brush working its magic in Adobe Lightroom 5. The program is available now, along with multiple new features and a price of $79.99 for people who are upgrading.

Adobe Lightroom 5 sheds the beta status and becomes official

The company has released Lightroom 5 beta as early as April 2013, but the program is finally ready for prime time, as Adobe has fixed most of its bugs and added features that will definitely serve photographers well.

Adobe adds Photoshop CC features, such as Advanced Healing Brush, to Lightroom 5

Adobe Lightroom 5 features the new Advanced Healing Brush, which has been demonstrated on several occasions. It allows users to remove dust spots and other flaws that can ruin a perfectly good picture.

A new Upright tool is also available, in order to straighten objects that appear inclined in a photo. It can detect the horizon, as well as horizontal and vertical lines and then it fixes the photo’s orientation.

Another important feature is called Radial Gradient, which can be used for creating off-centered vignette, as well as several different vignette spots in a single photo.

Older features have also been improved in Lightroom 5

Adobe’s latest program is also easier to use, giving photographers a chance to organize their photo collections in a better way. Smart Previews allows the users to create smaller files of their images and, if changes are made to them, then the additions could be transfered to the original files.

Video slide shows can be used for combining stills, films, and audio files, creating special videos, which can be shared to other computers and mobile devices.

Photo Books have also received an update, allowing users to create amazing photo books containing images from one’s personal collection.

Adobe announces Lightroom 5 availability and pricing

Adobe Lightroom 5 allows users to recover images affected by shadows, while black-and-white conversion and noise reduction are now working more efficiently.

The program can be integrated with Photoshop CC, which will become available, along with other Creative Cloud applications, on June 17.

Lightroom 5 is offered by Adobe for as little as $79.99 for owners of the previous version, while new users will have to pay $149.99. It is available at the company’s website, along with a 30-day free trial.

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