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SpinPod allows smartphone users to take proper panorama photos


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A new Kickstarter project, called SpinPod, is aiming to help smartphone and camera owners to capture better panoramic photos.

Panorama images are pretty amazing, but they are relatively hard to catch. Nowadays, we can capture them using our smartphones, but the results are not very good, since users are taking them while holding the device in their hands. This means that multiple inconsistencies will be found in the end results.

spinpod-smartphone-panorama SpinPod allows smartphone users to take proper panorama photos Fun

SpinPod is compatible with all smartphones, allowing users to capture impressive panoramic images with them.

Kickstarter project aims to aid smartphone users in taking better panorama images

Los Angeles-based Zhiping Chen and Daniel Aharoni have created the perfect solution, called it SpinPod, and put it on Kickstarter, in order to gather the required funding to sell it on the market.

SpinPod’s creators have already filed for a patent, seeking to get all the rights for their product and to avoid someone else stealing their idea.

Their project is the result of numerous frustrations, which have prevented them from taking good panoramic images using various smartphones and cameras.

spinpod-panorama SpinPod allows smartphone users to take proper panorama photos Fun

An amazing panorama captured with a smartphone and SpinPod. (Click to make it bigger).

SpinPod is perfect for time-lapse photography, too, not just panoramas

Professional equipment is usually required to better panoramas, but “usually” this is not enough and the SpinPod will be compatible with most mobile phones running on multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Moreover, it can be used when capturing time-lapse videos as well.

SpinPod allows users to set delay timers for panoramas at intervals including 5, 10, or 15 seconds. On the other hand, motion time-lapse photography timers can be set at 0.5, 1,2,5, or 10 seconds.

This device can be placed to remain perfectly still on the ground when capturing time-lapses, but it can rotate around its own axis when taking panorama shots. Because it rotates around its axis without human intervention, the images will be stitched together perfectly.

spinpod-panorama-difference SpinPod allows smartphone users to take proper panorama photos Fun

The difference between a panorama taken with SpinPod and another captured without is huge.

Landscape mode is supported along with pan and tilt video recording with the proper tools

SpinPod also supports a regular tripod mount as well as mounting adapters. Its natural position is portrait, but using the right adapters it can capture images in landscape mode. Additionally, the adapters can be used to support a GoPro Hero3 camera for incredible pan and tilt videos.

Anyway, if one does not want to use it as a panorama tool, then SpinPod is the perfect dock which amplifies the sound or holds the camera still when video chatting.

Kickstarter funding is halfway through with 20 days to go

SpinPod is available only on Kickstarter in three color options. Several pricing points are available for backers, but the project requires a total of $75,000 in order to be successful.

At the time of writing this article, Zhiping Chen and Daniel Aharoni have raised $38,136 with about 20 days left. If you want a SpinPod, then you should pledge to the cause at its official Kickstarter page.

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