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Minor Adobe Photoshop software updates released for download


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Adobe has released a pair of software updates for Photoshop, in order to fix several bugs found in the Windows and Mac OS X versions.

Although Adobe has recently announced that Creative Suite applications will not receive the latest features, the software will still receive support and other minor updates.

adobe-photoshop-software-update Minor Adobe Photoshop software updates released for download News and Reviews

Adobe Photoshop software updates are available for download for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The changelogs include several bug fixes, but there are no new features unfortunately.

Windows and Mac OS X Photoshop owners get minor software updates

The developer has just updated the CS6 version of Photoshop for both Windows and Mac OS X users. Both variants find themselves at virtually the same version, but their changelogs are different.

Adobe Photoshop released for Windows users

Windows users are now able to download Adobe Photoshop software update The reason for upgrading is explained in the changelog, which says that the company has improved the support for touchscreen-based Windows 8 tablets.

Moreover, the pen tool is now capable of drawing properly, while the program will no longer fail to launch on limited-access user accounts, where the default disk is locked.

The following two bug fixes are also available for the Mac version. The small list includes fixing an issue which caused the type layer not to transform even when changing its point size. The second one also involves the type layer, as a bug was causing the font size to change to a non-integer value when moving it using a free transform active.

Adobe Photoshop 13.0.5 for Mac OS X now available

The Mac OS X version is now clocked at 13.0.5 and it comes packed with more bug fixes than the Windows version. Adobe says that, when users will clock on a pop-up window, Photoshop will no longer crash. From now on, the information panel will display the correct information in all cases.

Legacy actions will not fail when changing the name during a layer merge, while the arrow keys will not stop working when editing text in the Type tool. Also changing the UI’s color will no longer cause the Flash extension panel icons to disappear.

Adobe Photoshop CC coming on June 17

Adobe has also re-confirmed that the Photoshop CC release date is June 17. Creative Cloud users are also getting a bunch of attractive features, like the Shake Reduction filter, while CS owners will be left out in the cold.

Anyway, current Photoshop users can install the updates by opening the program and, after that, hitting Help, then Updates.

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