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Spot a hidden dog in Andrew Knapp’s “Find Momo” photo book


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Photographer and artist Andrew Knapp is inviting viewers to “Find Momo”, his border collie and best buddy who likes to hide in the photos they capture during their travels.

“Where’s Waldo?” is one of the most popular games in the United States as well as other countries. Viewers will look at images and they will need to find that guy wearing a shirt with red and white stripes.

Well, what if you could turn this game into a reality? Canadian artist Andrew Knapp has decided to do just that by hiding his pet dog in his travel photos, then inviting viewers to see where Momo has been hiding all this time.

Artist Andrew Knapp plays hide-and-seek with his border collie called Momo

Hide-and-seek is every child’s favorite game. It continues to be played all over the world and has inspired the “Where’s Waldo?” photo books. Waldo is a character dressed in red and white stripes and players need to find him in a photo.

Photographer Andrew Knapp has created a hide-and-seek photo book of his own. It is called “Find Momo” and consists of travel photos in which his pet dog, called Momo, likes to hide more than anything else.

Momo is a cute black and white border collie. Most of the times he is pretty-well hidden therefore you should not think that finding him is going to be an easy task.

Waldo shots were crammed with content, but most of Knapp’s photos consist of landscapes, meaning that there are not very many elements in them. Still, finding Momo will be pretty hard, as stated above.

How “Find Momo” came to be

Andrew explained that Momo was adorable as a puppy. He had an adventurous spirit with a passion for playing fetch. Apparently, he would like to run off and hide. As a puppy, Momo was aware that this buddy was unable to see him, so he would wait for Andrew to find him.

The artist loves to travel and so does Momo. The two embark on adventures quite often, while the border collie continues to hide. Andrew usually takes a photo of the scene with his iPhone and uploads it on Instagram.

At first, the artist has created a book for his nephews. However, other children have seen the book and they loved it. The next step has been to create a book and the guys at Quirk Books have published “Find Momo”.

If you like the photos, then you can support the artist by purchasing his book on Amazon for a price of $11.64 for the paperback edition and $10.09 for the Kindle edition, respectively. More information can be found at Andrew Knapp’s official website.

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