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CA7CH Lightbox is a compact, but versatile wearable camera


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A new wearable camera project, called CA7CH Lightbox, is available on Kickstarter and it consists of a tiny shooter that captures photos and videos as well as live-streams what is happening in front of you over the internet.

The industry of wearable gadgets is expected to blossom over the next couple of years. We have already seen a fair share of smart watches, smart heads-up displays, as well as wearable cameras or camcorders.

Either way, each product comes packed with something special. Here is CA7CH Lightbox, a new weather camera that is compact, lightweight, and capable of recording your adventures and storing them in a built-in 8GB flash memory.

CA7CH Lightbox revealed on Kickstarter as a wearable camera that catches what is in front of you

As usual, these projects are found on Kickstarter, where the creators are looking for the necessary funds to make their dream become true.

Thankfully, the CA7CH Lightbox project has already met its goal of $80,000. At the time of writing this article, more than $126,000 have been pledged to the cause, meaning that the device will surely become a reality.

When it begins shipping, the camera can be attached to any piece of clothing thanks to a very powerful magnetic clip.

People may be wondering why they should keep supporting this project. Well, that is because you can still get this wearable camera at a discounted price from the final retail pricing. Now that you are curious about it, here is what the CA7CH Lightbox is offering!

ca7ch-lightbox-size CA7CH Lightbox is a compact, but versatile wearable camera News and Reviews

This is the evolution of the Ca7ch Lightbox. Bonus: just look at how small it really is!

CA7CH Lightbox’ specs and features are quite good, so only our creativity is the limit

The CA7CH Lightbox specs list includes an 8-megapixel image sensor, a lens with a 72-degree field-of-view and f/2.4 aperture, full HD video recording at 30fps, built-in microphone, built-in WiFi, and integrated Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology.

All of these will allow users to record photos, videos, or even audio-only content. Furthermore, the camera can live-stream content over the internet. It is very easy to set up as you will only need a smartphone and a dedicated application that will be released as a free download.

The smartphone can also be used as a Live View mode to compose the shots. Nevertheless, you can use it individually as the CA7CH Lightbox comes packed with a customizable button. This may sound like it is not enough, but it can be set to capture a photo, a short video, a longer video, audio-only, or to enter burst-shot mode.

From the five modes, you can select only three and set them to go live when pressing 1-click, 2-clicks, or 3-clicks. If you are not sold on this idea yet, head over to the project’s official Kickstarter page!

ca7ch-lightbox-modes CA7CH Lightbox is a compact, but versatile wearable camera News and Reviews

The shooting modes and how to customize the shutter button of the Ca7ch Lightbox wearable camera.

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