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Canon 1D X Mark II and 5DX to be unveiled at PhotoPlus 2015


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Both the Canon 1D X Mark II and 5DX DSLR cameras are expected to be unveiled at the PhotoPlus event taking place in October 2015.

Recent weeks have been fruitful for Canon fans as the company’s upcoming products have been on the lips of gossip spreaders several times. The EOS maker was rumored to reveal the 1D X and 5D Mark III replacements in late 2015 or early 2016. It seems like the former is more likely to occur as a trusted source is now claiming that the shooters will be present at the PhotoPlus Expo 2015 event taking place in October at the Javits Center in New York City.

The source says that both full-frame DSLRs will show up at this event, while also providing a rundown of things to expect from the duo as well as the from the 6D Mark II.

canon-1d-x-and-5d-mark-iii Canon 1D X Mark II and 5DX to be unveiled at PhotoPlus 2015 Rumors

Canon will reveal replacements for both the 1D X and 5D Mark III this October.

Canon will not split 5D Mark III replacement in two models

Before the introduction of the 5DS and 5DS R, sources have revealed that Canon will split the 5D-series into multiple products. Some sources said that we will have three 5D-series models: two big-megapixel units and a 5D Mark III replacement.

However, there was a source which said that the 5D Mark III successor would also be split into two units. We can put these rumors behind us because a trusted source is stating that they were fictional. Only one device will succeed the 5D Mark III and it will be called 5DX instead of 5D Mark IV.

Canon has designed the 5DX for professional photographers using the camera in a studio and at events in low-light conditions. This will not be a consumer camera, so it will not have consumer-related features, such as built-in WiFi.

The DSLR will be powered by a DIGIC 7 multi-core processor and it will become official at the PhotoPlus Expo 2015 this October. As for its release date, March 2016 is listed as a possible timeframe.

Canon 1D X Mark II will be on display at PhotoPlus Expo 2015

The 1D X Mark II is also coming at PPE 2015. It will employ a DIGIC 7 processing engine, but will have others as well. This will be the flagship camera and will not be aimed at studio or event photographers because it is too heavy, too big, and its batteries are too expensive.

According to the source, Canon will aim the camera at action and sports photographers. The 2016 Summer Olympics are coming next year and this will be the fast camera that photographers will want to use.

As stated above, the 1D X Mark II will be displayed at PhotoPlus this year, but it will only begin shipping next year.

On the other hand, the 6D Mark II does not have clear announcement and release dates, but it is coming out sometime in 2016 with built-in WiFi. More info coming soon!

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