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Canon 1D XS camera rumored to feature 3.5-inch touchscreen


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The next Canon EOS-1 camera is rumored to feature a bigger screen with multitouch support and a significantly higher resolution than the displays on other EOS DSLRs.

Canon has been long-rumored to launch a DSLR with a large number of megapixels. Although multiple versions are being tested, it appears that the Japanese manufacturer will go for the 44.7-megapixel unit, which provides high image quality while preserving battery life.

canon-1d-x-screen Canon 1D XS camera rumored to feature 3.5-inch touchscreen Rumors

Canon 1D X screen measures 3.2-inches and has a 1,040K-dot resolution. The next EOS-1 camera is rumored to feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a higher resolution.

Next Canon EOS-1 camera will come packed with 3.5-inch high-resolution touchscreen

A new set of rumors regarding the next Canon EOS-1 camera are circling around the web. It is said that everything will be bigger in this shooter. Although its design will be reminiscent of current high-end EOS DSLRs, there is a chance that the body will have a slightly increased size.

Unfortunately, this has not been confirmed, yet, but the bigger 3.5-inch touchscreen information is definitely real. The Canon 1D XS (one of its rumored names) is said to sport a multitouch-based display that measures 3.5-inch on its diagonal.

Additionally, the DSLR’s screen employ a higher resolution than the ones photographers can find in the company’s cameras with 3.2-inch LCDs.

Canon 1D XS to sport 4K video recording capabilities

Other previously leaked details about the Canon 1D XS say that the shooter’s image sensor will be capable of capturing videos at 4K resolution.

When in use, this feature will severely drain the battery, but this fact is valid for all 4K video recording cameras.

The launch of the next Canon EOS-1 is said to take place in very late 2013 or in very early 2014. It will most likely compete against the Nikon D800E, which is available at Amazon for $2,996.95.

Canon medium format camera to retain “EOS” brand

The 1D XS is not the only higher-end camera that Canon is waiting to introduce within the following months. A medium format version is still in the works, as more and more sources point to this fact.

The Canon medium format camera will be a part of the EOS series, as the company will not attempt to market another brand. Photographers will be able to choose from EOS M, EOS, Cinema EOS, and “EOS MF” cameras as of next year.

Canon EOS MF coming at Photokina 2014

Canon’s upcoming medium format shooter should be unveiled during Photokina 2014, an event which will take place in September 2014.

Current EF full frame lenses are said to be compatible with the MF. However, this seems very improbable, unless they might function in crop mode. Either way, MF lenses should work with full frame cameras with the help of an adapter.

These are just rumors for the time being, therefore you should not hold your breath over them just yet.

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