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Canon medium-format DSLR camera rumored to be in the works


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Canon might be developing a medium-format DSLR camera, as the company is currently investing a lot of money in a Europe-based medium-format camera manufacturer.

The financial crisis has affected all people and companies across the globe. Digital camera makers have taken a huge blow, but their situation is getting worse by the day, as smartphones sales are increasing and they are eating the market share of compact cameras.

phase-one-645df Canon medium-format DSLR camera rumored to be in the works Rumors

Phase One 645DF+ is a medium format camera, which may lend some of its traits to one of Canon’s upcoming DSLR.

Canon is developing a medium-format DSLR camera

As a lot of camera makers have decided to develop less compacts and focus on more advanced devices, it seems like one of them is aiming even further. According to inside sources, Canon is working on a medium-format DSLR.

Details are pretty scant at this point, but it is not the first time the Canon medium-format DSLR has been mentioned. The company has been rumored to launch such a camera in the past, but nothing has materialized so far.

Canon medium-format DSLR to feature Phase One image sensor

Not too long ago, Canon was rumored to purchase Hasselblad. However, the talks between the Japanese and Swedish companies are said to have broken down.

This time, the EOS maker is pointing its gun in another direction. The target is still European, it makes medium-format shooters, but it is not Hasselblad.

It appears that the most likely candidate is Phase One, as Canon is already rumored to pump a lot of money into this manufacturer.

Canon to add a 36 x 36mm sensor into its medium-format camera

Medium-format is bigger than full frame. The latter is considered the standard in digital photography, carrying over its reputation from film.

A 35mm sensor measures 36 x 24mm, while the most common medium format is 48 x 36mm. However, they can get much bigger as well as smaller. It appears that Canon will choose the smaller version, as its upcoming device is rumored to feature a 36 x 36mm image sensor.

The Canon 2FF medium-format DSLR will not mean that Phase One is selling its business. The two companies are merely working together, so it remains to be seen whether consumers will witness some results in the near future or not.

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