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New Canon 7D Mark II specs and details hint at EOS 1-like design


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The first reliable Canon 7D Mark II specs and details have been leaked on the web, revealing that the prosumer DSLR camera will feature built-in WiFi and GPS.

The most rumored camera of the past couple of years is the elusive Canon 7D Mark II. In recent times it has come to our attention that the Canon 7D will be discontinued this June and that its replacement will be introduced to Pro-level dealers throughout the world sometime in July. This will be followed by the official event which is set to take place in August 2014.

Until then, the rumor mill has been tirelessly working on providing more Canon 7D Mark II specs and details. Well, the first reliable information comes from an inside source claiming that this prosumer shooter will pack both WiFi and GPS, suggesting that the DSLR will be well-featured in the connectivity department.

canon-eos-1 New Canon 7D Mark II specs and details hint at EOS 1-like design Rumors

This is the Canon EOS 1 SLR camera. The 7D Mark II is rumored to feature a similar top plate without a mode dial.

Newly-leaked Canon 7D Mark II specs list reveals WiFi and GPS presence

After more sources have confirmed that Canon will discontinue the 7D, other people close to the company’s business have revealed that the 7D Mark II will be presented to the public sometime in August.

These details are usually accompanied by even more details and such is the case right now. According to a person familiar with the matter, the Canon 7D Mark II specs list will include built-in WiFi and GPS.

The former allows users to connect to the DSLR camera remotely, allowing them to control the device and to fire the shutter using a smartphone or tablet. On the other hand, GPS is useful for geo-tagging your photos and, also, sorting becomes easier.

Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed whether the camera will sport a 21 or 24 megapixel sensor, as previously reported, therefore we will have to wait for more details.

Canon 7D Mark II to have a design inspired by the original EOS 1 SLR camera

As for the latest Canon 7D replacement design details, it appears that the camera will sport a design inspired by the original EOS 1 SLR camera.

On top of the shooter, there will be a flat plate which will not include a mode dial. It is unclear how the company will implement the mode dial in the camera to make it pro-friendly, but the first professional-level EOS camera has worked out great for both Canon and the users.

Despite featuring a flat top, the EOS 7D Mark II will still come packed with a built-in flash, which will probably be placed on top of the camera. Take these specs and details with a pinch of salt and stay tuned!

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