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Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs and price revealed


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A list containing some Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs has been leaked on the web along with some details about the DSLR’s price and announcement date.

Canon DSLRs were mentioned multiple times by the rumor mill in the second part of April 2015. This suggests that the company has decided to speed things up and to actively work on its next-gen shooters. One device which has received multiple mentions is the 6D replacement. Some details about it have been revealed recently, but now it is time for another source to report some different information. It appears that the 6D Mark II will actually get an image sensor that has more than 24 megapixels.

canon-6d-mark-ii-specs Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs and price revealed Rumors

Canon 6D Mark II will replace the 6D with a new 28MP sensor and a novel autofocus system among others.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs list: 28MP sensor, WiFi, NFC, GPS, and 204800 ISO

For those who are out of the loop, a source has said that the 6D successor will come packed with a new sensor that is not available in any other camera and that will not be added to the 5D Mark IV. The source claimed that the megapixel count will be higher than the 20.2-megapixel version in the 6D, but that it will not go above 24 megapixels.

Anyway, the new leakster is claiming that the Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs list will include a 28-megapixel full-frame sensor. The new sensor will offer increased sensitivity which will reach a maximum native ISO of 102,400 and which can be expanded up to 204,800 using built-in settings.

Furthermore, the sensor will employ a new autofocus system. The source says that the AF system will not be the 61-point unit found in the 5DS and 5DS R. Since the 6D is a lower-end model, it will probably have a system with fewer points than the 50.6-megapixel duo. Nevertheless, it will definitely offer more than 6D’s 11-point AF system.

While the processor is not mentioned, it is said that the DSLR will capture up to 6fps in burst mode and that it will provide more tools for videographers. The viewfinder will have a coverage of 98%, content will be stored on one memory card, while WiFi, NFC, and GPS technology will ensure that users are always connected.

6D Mark II to be introduced after the release of the 5D Mark IV

When it comes down to the announcement event, the source is confirming the earlier rumors: the 6D Mark II will be unveiled after the 5D Mark IV will be released. Since the 5D Mark III replacement is now said to begin shipping in late Q1 2016, the 6D successor has chances of being introduced even as late as Photokina 2016, as previously speculated.

As for the price, the entry-level full-frame EOS DSLR will cost $2,100, which is the same amount as the launch price of its predecessor. At the time of writing this article, Amazon was selling the 6D for a price around $1,400.

It is worth noting that these Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs and price details are here at least one year before the DSLR’s official unveiling, which means that everything can change in the meantime. Stick with us for more info!

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