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Canon’s new cinema camera could be the cheaper EOS C50


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Rumors about Canon’s new cinema camera have intensified as the 2013 edition of the National Association of Broadcasters event is getting closer and closer.

Yesterday it was rumored that Canon has been working on a new cinema camera for quite some time. The camera is now allegedly ready for prime time, meaning that the company has completed the development process and has scheduled the camcorder’s release date.

The NAB Show 2013 opens its doors on April 6 and many companies will use this opportunity to launch new cameras, lenses and camcorders. An inside source claims that a new Canon EOS cinema camera will be launched this April.

cheaper-canon-c100-nab-show-2013 Canon's new cinema camera could be the cheaper EOS C50 Rumors

Canon may offer a cheaper alternative to the EOS C100 at NAB Show 2013.

Canon’s rumored EOS C50 may be a cheap, new cinema camera

Although it was believed that the camera will fall between the C100 and C300, the latest information contradicts the previous rumor. According to the source, the new camcorder will be positioned below the C100 and will be a lot cheaper than $6,500, the price of the EOS C100.

For the time being, it is unknown what Canon could remove from the EOS C100 to make it less expensive. The source speculates that the new camera’s name is C50 and that there are two prototypes “in the wild”. This probably refers to the fact that the company is actively testing two versions of the cinema camera.

It is believed that a cheaper camera will attract more customers, who happen to flirt with the world of cinematography. Most consumers hold back from purchasing such a device because of its hefty price tag.

Nevertheless, the Japan-based company must not remove too many things from the EOS C100 in order to make the EOS C50 successful. Getting rid of too much stuff would make it a dull product, so it could fail miserably.

As digital camera sales are dropping at an alarming rate, manufacturers must come up with things that will sell instead of unleashing dead weight on the market. This is why you should not rule out any possibilities for the time being.

The new EOS cinema camera will come packed with PL and EF mounts and if the Canon C50 is truly ready to become available on the market, then it will be unveiled at the NAB Show 2013. Until then, more information is expected to be leaked on the internet, including an unofficial confirmation of the camera’s retail name.

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