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CAM CHOBi Pro3, possibly world’s smallest night vision camera


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The Japanese deliver again, this time possibly setting a record for World’s smallest night vision “toy” camera.

“Toy” as opposed to more serious, even smaller, infrared cameras used in the military. It is definitely designed as a for-fun camera, unless you want to use it for finding out who has been keying your car.

The camera was launched in January 2013, but like all things Japanese, it takes a while for the West to catch up, or take it seriously. Especially considering its full name, “What is Bull! CAM CHOBi Pro3”. Don’t worry though, this isn’t an April Fool’s latecomer prank.

cam-chobi-pro-3 CAM CHOBi Pro3, possibly world’s smallest night vision camera News and Reviews

CAM CHOBi Pro 3 may be World’s smallest night vision camera, but it also packs good features

Boasts a surprising set of specifications for its size

Its manufacturer, JTT, which stands for Japan Trust Technology (and still, not an April Fool’s joke), attests that the small device is capable of pitch black shooting and demonstrates by means of, what else, a video of a cat.

Recordings are made in full HD, 1920×1080 pixels, at 25fps in AVI format, with or without night vision. The camera can, of course, take stills also, at a resolution of 4032×3024 pixels. Furthermore, it is possible to record sound alone in WAV format. Data is stored on a microSDHC card (up to 32 GB) and can be transferred through micro USB connection. USB is also used for charging, which takes less than 3 hours.

The camera measures 17mm x 45mm x 28mm, a little more than a 35mm film roll. It weights 41 grams, because of its full metal body, which the manufacturer attributes to a need for stability and sturdiness. It looks great thanks to this finish, cast with a pleasant industrial design.

Unlike previous versions, CAM CHOBi Pro3 has a small viewfinder, which helps, for cameras so tiny.

What it could be used for

In a world with instant connectivity, this camera may seem as just another novelty, but even so, novelty can be fun. Especially at a size that you can attach to a keychain. It can stand its ground as a backup camera in case of running out of smartphone battery.

The lack of an LCD may add a surprise element to photo taking and infrared can be useful, if you’re not in a hurry of watching the footage right away.

CAM CHOBi Pro3 is available for approximately $54 from JTT’s official website.

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