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Cristian Girotto photoshops adults to look like children for a living


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Photoshop designer extraordinaire, Cristian Girotto, has revealed his latest project called “L’Enfant Extérieur”, which consists of adults being portrayed like babies.

Adobe Photoshop is a wonderful tool. Among other things, it allows photographers to remove unwanted objects form their images and designers to create artwork.

There are lot of good Photoshop designers, while some are labeled “great masters” of the editing tool. And then there is Cristian Girotto, a self-proclaimed “high-end photo retoucher” who is currently living in Paris, France.

Girotto is a well-known figure in the image-editing area, as his portfolio is simply overwhelming, proving that you can still be original and provide creative artworks appreciated around the world.

Cristian Girotto portrays adults like toddlers in “L’Enfant Extérieur” using Adobe Photoshop

When we were young, we wanted to become adults as soon as possible. However, as we grew older, it became clear that our best years remained behind and some people would give anything to return to the golden years. Since this is not possible, Cristian Girotto offers an interesting alternative.

L’Enfant Extérieur is a new project and it is aimed at showing people how adults would look like if they kept their childhood faces. Although the portraits are a bit weird, they offer a different perspective. The artist slightly modifies the proportions of the body, while applying a bit of glamour retouching.

Maybe the final results look a bit creepy because we are not used to seeing adults with children faces. However, there is no denying that Girotto’s work gives us a fresh air of originality.

A child is innocent and, although we all grow up, deep-down we remain playful children who would like to get rid of all the worries and the problems in our lives, essentially hoping that we will be kids once again.

The “Outer Child” is a masterpiece and it reveals the young essence of the adults by displaying “a world of men in the shape of children”. This looks exactly as it sounds and you must check out all the photos at the artist’s website. If you are having a bad day or simply looking for new ideas, this project will surely bring a smile to your face.

The Photoshop wizard is Cristian Girotto, but the person who took the images is photographer Quentin Curtat, who is based in Paris as well. The portraits themselves are well-executed, but Quentin’s work has been taken to the next-level by Cristian.

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