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DJI and others officially join the Micro Four Thirds system


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Olympus and Panasonic have announced that three more companies are joining the Micro Four Thirds system, including popular drone maker DJI Innovations.

A lot of official announcements have been made by multiple digital imaging companies in recent times as we are approaching the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015.

Some rumors have suggested that more companies will adhere to the Micro Four Thirds system. Now, they are official and they include a big name, such as DJI Innovations, which is one of the biggest seller of drones.

Olympus and Panasonic have started the Micro Four Thirds movement back in 2008 and now they are announcing that three more firms are joining on the bandwagon, including China’s JCD Optic and Japan’s FLOVEL.

dji-inspire-1 DJI and others officially join the Micro Four Thirds system News and Reviews

DJI, the maker of the Inspire 1 4K video drone, will start making products for the Micro Four Thirds system along with JCD and FLOVEL.

DJI, JCD, and FLOVEL officially join the Micro Four Thirds system

The Micro Four Thirds creators are saying that they have been working hard to bring more firms to this system, in order to diversify its offer.

Three new makers are joining the standard right before CP+ 2015. DJI Innovations have been making a lot of fuss in recent years, thanks to its quadcopters with built-in cameras, such as the Phantom Vision.

On the other hand, JCD GuangZhou Optical is making cameras as well as lenses for photography-bound shooters and camcorders, while FLOVEL is specialized in high-sensitivity cameras with implications in the medical field.

Who are DJI, JCD, and FLOVEL?

DJI is based in China and has been making flying devices and accessories since 2006. Beside drones and controllers, the company is also manufacturing aerial and handheld gimbals for professional filmmakers.

Consumers are appreciating its quadcopters as they offer a good price-quality ratio. The most recent model with a built-in camera is capable of shooting 4K videos and it is called Inspire 1. It is available for purchase at Amazon for about $2,900.

JCD GuangZhou Optical, which is often referred to as JCD Optic, is also based in China and was launched in 1999. Its domain of activity includes designing as well as manufacturing cameras and lenses for both photography and filmography segments.

Finally, FLOVEL is the oldest of the bunch, being launched back in 1968. The company is based in Japan and is making systems for high-sensitivity cameras that are used in bio-science and medical fields.

The new Micro Four Thirds adopters have not announced what kind of MFT products they will make for the time being. We will probably find out soon, so stay close to Camyx!

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